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Yung Joc Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $8,000,000
Name and surname Jacil Amon Robinson
Date of birth/century 2. April 1983 (Age: 36 years)
source of income Musician, star of the reality show.
Height 5’7’’
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country / city of origin Atlanta, Georgia.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Yun Jook’s net worth is $8,000,000.

How much does the young athlete earn per year?

Since Yung Joc became a real TV star, he has achieved an annual turnover of more than 1.8 million a year. This amount varies depending on record sales and television appearances.

How does Yoon Jock earn his money?

Much of Yoon Jok’s income comes from his music and television career. He earned about $500,000 in record sales from his gold record New Joc City and $250,000 from Hustlenomics.

He said he made $7 to $8 million with New Jock City’s publishing and licensing rights. He won $15,000 to license his single It’s Goin’ Down.

He makes money when the single is played on the radio, Spotify or Pandora.

He makes $15,000 on every show he does. He also receives a royalty on all records or singles he publishes through his production company Swag Team Entertainment.

He wins $50,000 for the series on love and hip-hop: Atlanta. Since it appeared in 82 episodes, it has represented a large part of his wealth. Rumour has it he’s been getting similar pay for two seasons if you let Stevie take care of it.

He earns modest but stable amounts by watching his video clips on YouTube and signing contracts with Rap Snacks. He also owns a hairdressing salon and a luxury car rental company in Atlanta, Georgia.


The young Jock is a musician and TV star who became famous in 2006 with his hit It’s Goin’ Down. He is known for his motorbike dance, which became popular thanks to his video.

He has worked with many other musicians on hit singles and has now appeared on television and in films. He played in Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta and some of its derivatives.

Beginning of life

Jaciel Amon Robinson was born on the 2nd. Born April 1983 in the College Park District of Atlanta, Georgia. His father owned a hair care company.

Yung Joc has kept information about his mother and siblings to himself, but we know that he himself has several siblings.

He was a working child and always had several jobs during his school years. He worked in a grocery store, a zoo and a car wash, and got good grades.

He was in high school in the theater and dreamed of becoming a lawyer. As a result of the move, he fell behind with his school loans and fell out of class instead of repeating.

Yung Joc worked with his father on a jingle for Revlon, and that’s where his musical career began. He sees his father as the inspiration for his success, and they are very close.

Personal life

Yoon Jook has a son, Amoni, with his high school girlfriend, Fatima. They broke up in 2001.

From 2001 to 2014 he was married to Alexandria Robinson. You have three children: Chase, Amir and Ja’Corey.

After he divorced his wife, he had two twins with two girlfriends. His whole relationship was very public and was part of love and hip-hop: The story of Atlanta.

From 2012 to 2013 he met actress Carla Daniels. Her children are the twins Cadence and Camore.

From 2013 to 2014 he met the entrepreneur and actress Sina Bina. Yoon Jock had the twins Eden and Alon with him.

He met and lived with his love and hip-hop: Atlanta Costar, musician Carly Redd in 2014 and had a short relationship with his fellow stars Tommy Lee and Hadya.

Since 2016 he has a serious relationship with Kendra Robinson, a lawyer. They started their studies in 2019.

Yung Joc is known to be a bit dramatic, but he has a sense of humour. He has appeared on social networks with fantastic new hairstyles and attracts attention. He claimed that he ridiculed the meme and posted it on the Internet.


After completing his studies, he worked for a construction company. He finally got a job writing lyrics for Raw Deal Records.

The young Jock met the producer of Nitti Beatz, who produced his first single It’s Goin’ Down. In 2006, Yung Joc signed a $2.5 million contract for three albums on Bad Boy South Records.

Jung Joc’s debut album, New Joc City, debuted in 2006 at number three on the Billboard chart. It soon became gold and more than 500,000 copies were sold.

The second single I Know You See It went platinum and the third single 1st Time went gold.

Between 2006 and 2008 he released two mixtapes, Joc of All Spades and Joc is Back.

He was nominated for six BET Hip Hop Awards, three Billboard Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards in 2006.

His debut single It’s Goin’ Down won this year’s BET award for Best Hip Hop Song of the Year. He was also nominated for a Grammy Award and two Soul Train Music Awards in 2007.

Currently, Young Jock’s net worth has reached $8,000,000.

His second album, Hustlenomics, also debuted in the charts in 2007. The young Jock has played on several pieces by other artists, including Cassie and Danity Kane. In 2009 he published the third Grind-Gripp-Mixtape online.

He has released singles many times and worked with others on their singles and albums. He has worked with Gucci Mane, Game and Pleasure P on some very successful singles and has started his next album. In 2007 he starred in the first single Buy A Drink with T-Pain.

His future neighbor, Mr. Robinson, was detained for breaking into his studio and disbanding J Records at Arista Records. Between 2010 and 2012 he produced three more mixtapes.

In 2014 Young Jock started his acting career in the reality show Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta. He also appeared on a reality show. Let Stevie and the creepy celebrities handle it. In 2018 he played small roles in the films Funny Dinnerware and Products of the American Ghetto.

Interesting facts

  • His first musical inspiration was Run DMC.
  • He owns several sports cars, including the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Mercedes CLS.
  • He likes to be rude and talk to his fans on the internet. In 2017 he appeared in public in a blue dress, and more recently he had a portrait of Tupac Shakur shaved out of his hair.
  • His cousin is the mother of Dees, another Love and Hip-Hop actress: Atlanta.
  • His mother nicknamed him Jock, after a character from the Dallas television series.
  • He advises new musicians to save money and cut their budget instead of saving in the early years of fame.


On the Forbes list of the richest hip-hop stars of 2007, he finished in 20th place.

In 2007 he was T-Pane’s number one on the Buy Yourself a Beverage show.

In his first year of success he was so exhausted from touring and publicity that he fell asleep during the interview. It has attracted more attention and made the reputation of a hardworking musician.

After the success of his first album, he opened a luxury car rental company and a hairdressing salon in Atlanta. He has also developed a series of rap chips.

He founded his own record company, called Swag Team Entertainment, which released the popular song Stanky Leg.

Favorite Quotes from Yung Joc

It’s a feeling. When you watch the movie, you see a woman sitting with her daughter and you look into her eyes, you see butterflies flying in the background, and then suddenly you hear the scary music in the movie, and that changes everything. But if something sounds different, it changes the movie. Music is the background of what you’re talking about.

When It’s Going Down happened, I did a few tours at the same time. If you go into town, you put on a show during the day for a few children, and these people pay you 20,000 to 25,000 euros. And at night you make an arena for adults… And you talk about looking up, and I get $30,000. Looks like 50,000 in one day. Do the math. It really wasn’t that hard.

Tips for the success of Yung Joc

  1. You see, since I played a lot backstage, I already knew what to expect. So I started preparing. I made a work for myself. I was told to rest and I was told. You’re already pretending to be on MTV or something. I was in my head because I knew it was something I had to do in the near future
  2. Every day when I wake up, I realize my dream Every day that my superior calls me to realize my dream, I know that if my superior doesn’t call, I don’t make money; so if he calls, I know I make money.
  3. But as soon as the money is gone, as soon as the money is gone, because you always have to carry yourself. I think that’s why I’ve been eating for so long. I receive monthly and quarterly balance sheets. You know what I mean? So it wasn’t difficult.



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