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Young Dolph Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $2 million
Real Name Adolf Thornton, Jr.
Date of birth/century 5. March 1985,
source of income Rapper
Height 6’3
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country / city of origin Chicago, Illinois.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Today, the net worth of rapper Yang Dolph is estimated at $2 million.

His main sources of income are his own rap, performances, merchandise and music produced by his record company.

He does a few shows and charges about $30,000 a show. Young Dolph has a channel on YouTube with approximately 470,000 subscribers generating revenue.

He also owns a hardware store where he sells sweatshirts and T-shirts. The product page Rumor has it that the young dolphin will have won just over $400,000 by 2016. The net value of the young dolphin in 2017 has been estimated at approximately $1.9 million.

Net value of young dolphins per year

2014 :


2015 :


2016 :


2017 :


2018 :



Young Dolph is a popular American rapper who became very famous after his first studio album. He has several studio albums, several mixtapes and he is also a producer with his own record label.

He hasn’t had an easy life, and he has a story to tell when it comes to rising above the battle. Let’s take a closer look at a rapper’s life to see what the Young Dolph Network is all about, his personal life, his biography and his career history.

Beginning of life

The young dolphin arrived on the 5th. March 1985 to this world. His real name is Adolf Thornton, Jr. His rap prefix Young is a combination of his real name and the usual rap prefix Young. The 6’3 rapper was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up with four siblings.

He has two sisters and two brothers. He was raised by his grandmother, and we know nothing about his parents. When young Dolph was two years old, he was transferred to Memphis.

Young Dolph had a difficult childhood after his parents left him. There is no information about his father, but his music says that his mother was a drug addict and therefore left him.
Young Dolph was an average pupil at school. As a child he was immediately interested in rap music and always knew he wanted to be a rapper. After high school, Yang Dolph didn’t go to college. He decided to follow his dream of becoming a rap star.

A long time ago, Charlotte was shot and Yang Dolph was the target. Almost 100 bullets were fired and several vehicles were involved. The young Dolph was not injured while driving an armored off-road vehicle. There are rumors that another rapper, Black Jongsta, was involved in the shooting.

Not long ago, Yang Dolph was shot several times outside a Los Angeles store. He sustained multiple gunshot wounds. When he was in hospital, they said that his injuries were not life-threatening, but that he was in critical condition. Rapper Yo Gotti is considered a responsible man.

Personal life

Young Dolph tends to keep his private life a secret. He’s not married, but he has a long relationship with a friend.

His identity hasn’t been revealed. Information about his past relationship has not been released. Young Dolph has a grandson whose mother was under observation. A few months later his current girlfriend got him pregnant with his second child.

He now has a daughter named Aria Ella. There are tons of pictures of the party in honour of the baby, but also of him, his two children and his current boyfriend.

It seems that the young Dolph has gone into hiding, there is no information about the vehicle he has chosen or about his collections.


Young Dolph’s career began with many tragedies. At first he was in a terrible car accident in which he almost died. He was on the mend for a long time. After her recovery, her grandmother died that same year of lung cancer. He saw these events as an awakening, and they gave him motivation.

Young Dolph started making music. Eventually one of his cousins started introducing him to several rap artists with whom he had a relationship. Dolph’s grandmother’s death hit him hard. He discovered that rap is a good way to relieve pain in the most emotionally charged hours.

Young Dolph’s first mix tape was called Paper Way Campaign. This mixtape was a success and opened several doors for Young Dolph to start his career in rap.

After that Young Dolph Welcome released 2 Dolph World, Time To Kill, Blue Magic and some great street music. This compilation was, like many other mixtapes, a series of mixtapes. It quickly became popular at the local level and became a national name five years later.

In 2016 Young Dolph produced a mixtape called Crack Baby and in 2017 another mixtape called Gelato. When HighClass Street Music 4 was released, Young Dolph also released his single Peach.

In those days he already worked with famous label makers like Drumma Boy and Zaytoven. In the course of his career he has worked with various artists, including O.T. Genasis, Gucci Mane, T.I. and Ricco Barrino.

Hello, the first studio album Kings of Memphis contains some of his most remarkable works. The album earned him a lot of fans, and soon he started working with famous artists. A few years later he founded his own label Empire of the Paper Way. His second studio album is called Bulletproof.

Both albums reached fifty of the two hundred highest positions in the music card. The first album reached its peak with the number 49 and had no guest artists. Young Dolph’s third studio album is called Thinking Out Loud. The album included DRAM, Ty Dolla $ign, 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane.

The young Dolph may not have many studio albums under his name, but his music has already had a big influence on the rap scene. The rappers called him Dolph Obama. To date, the Young Dolph has not received any important nomination or award.

The net assets of the young dolphin reached $2,000,000 in 2019.


  • The King Memphis album reached a maximum value of 49 on the 200 poster card.
  • It was focused on O.T. Genasis Hit Cut It achieved a best score of 35 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • The single California reached second place in the list of Bubbles under Hot 100.
  • The single Bling Blaww Burr reached the maximum value of #10 in the boiling R&B/Hip-Hop singles.



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