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Yandy Smith Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $15,000,000
Name and surname Yandi Smith Harris.
Date of birth/century 19. March 1982.
37 years old.
source of income Producer, entrepreneur, actress, reality TV star.
Height 5’6
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country / city of origin Harlem, New York.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Yandi Smith’s net assets are $15 million.

How does Yandi Smith make money?

Most of Yandi’s net worth comes from the movie Love and Hip-Hop, but she is active in several areas of the entertainment industry. She makes a lot of money out of her business.

She has contracts for customer management, reality TV shows, social media and is also the owner of Yelle Beauty and co-owner of Everything Girls Love. Yelle Beauty is a cosmetics brand that sells cosmetics, hair and skin products. Everything Girls Love is, is a lifestyle brand for women.

From a social network perspective, Yandi’s Instagram has more than 5.1 million followers, Facebook has more than 2.2 million followers and finally, it has 897k followers on its Twitter account.

Yandi Smith is also a motivational speaker. She talks about the empowerment of women and stimulates and inspires women who are trying to find a balance between family and career. Support for businesswomen doesn’t stop there.

Yandi has published a book called The Beauty of Branding in Business. This is an electronic guide for entrepreneurs. It is also planning to publish a collection of children’s books.


Yandi Smith is an American agent, reality TV director and music producer. Most of us may know her from her role in love and hip-hop: The New York reality show.

She has wanted to be in show business all her life and today she is known as one of the biggest managers in the industry.

Beginning of life

Yandi Smith was born and raised in Harlem, USA. She was born on the 21st. Born March 1982. In her youth, Yandi always dreamed of becoming famous and working with the celebrities she loved to see on television. She graduated from high school and university to achieve her goals.

Yandi studied at Howard University and has positioned himself in the entertainment industry as a famous agent and manager.

Personal life

The great sacrifice the stars of reality make is their right to some privacy. The cameras will be everywhere, and Yandi’s wedding with Mendeeces has brought them a much wider audience than they could ever afford.

The whole novel was broadcast live on Love and Hip-Hop.

Mendes is a rapper and music producer. He owns the Beat Factory Recording Studio, which is located in the Bronx. He uses his studio to manage promising rappers in New York.

A couple has two biological children together. The son is named Omere Harris in July 2012 and the daughter Skylar in January 2015. They also have a child from Mendi’s previous relationship, but they raise all children together.

Yandi says that her two children go to school in a predominantly Asian region, so it is important that they show their own beauty because they are different from other children, and this can be difficult for children.

Over the years, Mendises has dealt with a small drama about allegations of child abuse and drug trafficking. The alleged victim was 15 years old when the incident occurred, but no charges were filed against Mendisse because nothing was proven.

Yandi not only succeeds in show business, she’s also very good at philanthropy. She likes to help people in need. Growing up in Harlem, she realized that life can be very difficult.

It has a P.U.D. program that helps young girls get an education and achieve their educational goals. She is also fully committed to women’s rights and reinforces them through motivational speeches.

Yandi Smith shares the struggle of women to keep track of their work and private lives.


Yandi worked day and night and directed all her knowledge and efforts to become the great manager and producer she has become. His career started at Warner Bros. Music and has since ascended.

When she worked at Warner Bros… Music, she had the chance to meet several famous pop stars, actors and singers. Thanks to its remarkable capacities, it has achieved great popularity and growth with several celebrities.

Thanks to Warner Bros. Music, Yandi was able to gain the knowledge and experience she needed to start her career as a producer and celebrity manager.

She had a full-time rapper, Jim Jones. When she left Warner Bros… Music, she went over to Intruder Management.

At Violator Management she started working with some of the biggest names in modern culture, such as Missy Elliot, 50 Cent and many others.

Her dedication and hard work has made her a senior assistant to the company, which has further strengthened their relationship.

When Yandi turned 30, she was already one of the biggest managers in the United States. In 2008 she was featured in Billboard magazine’s Top 30 Among 30 executives.

It has gained worldwide recognition in the sector for its success at an early age.

Yandi has been managing several brands lately, including Everything Girls Love. She also tested her talent in the field of film and music, but didn’t have much success.

She also supported the organization Caring Obama by encouraging young people to vote.

Yandi’s appearance on the VH1 by Jim Jones may have been a shock. She usually works behind the scenes, but she was her manager at the time.

His appearance aroused suspicion about the true nature of their relationship.

Yandi started the series in the second season of 2011 and also got a permanent role in the cast. She soon became one of the most popular actresses. The program started with high ratings for several seasons and was broadcast several times.

She earned a good salary for her performance, but besides being a reality show star, she has an excellent reputation in the entertainment industry.

Since Yandi added a real TV star to her resume, she has become more active in social networks. She has many admirers and followers who increase her popularity and profits.

Some of the brands managed by Yanda are Smitten, Modern Domestic and Partners Uplifting Our Daughters.

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