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What is Max Holloway’s ex-wife Kaimana Pa’aluhi doing right now?

What is Max Holloway’s ex-wife Kaimana Pa’aluhi doing right now?


American singer and actor Chris Brown can look back on a successful 13-year musical career in the industry. He has had many hits such as With You, Look At Me Now and Run It and has sold over 100 million copies worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time. His family was in the spotlight because of his popularity, and no one deserved more than his sister Lytrall Bundy, also known as Tootie.

Lightrell Bundy is Chris Brown’s older sister and an influential figure in his life. Born in 1981, she was raised by her mother with Chris when her parents divorced as a child. She works as a bank clerk and supports her brother incredibly well. She was always there for Chris, who was going through a difficult time in his life.

Here’s some facts about Chris’ older sister, Lytrel Bundy:

What is Max Holloway’s ex-wife Kaimana Pa’aluhi doing right now?

Birth and beginning of life

Lightrell Bundy was born in 1981 in Tappahannock, Virginia. Her parents were Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown. She’s eight years older than Chris, who was born in 1989. Chris is his only brother and sister, and they’re very close. As a child she got the nickname Tootie, which she still carries to this day.

In her early childhood, Lytrell lived with her mother and Chris when her parents split up when she and Chris were young children. Her mother raised her as a single mother and made sure she got everything she wanted.

Career and Lifestyle

Lightrell is exactly the opposite of his brother in terms of his career. Although Chris is still in the spotlight because of her singing career, she has a discreet job as a bank clerk. She went to James Madison, Virginia, to study biology, but that’s all we know about her.

Lytrel doesn’t like to be the center of attention and prefers to keep his head down. Despite the fact that her brother is famous, she likes to stay away from him and so far she has succeeded.

Relationship with Chris Brown

Lytrell and Chris have an intimate relationship, and she loves him very much. She supports her brother in an incredible way and expresses her joy to him.

When Chris was accused of being assaulted by Rihana, Lytrell sided with his brother and said his brother would never do anything like that, saying he was always nice and would never hurt anyone.

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