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Tyler The Creator Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $6,000,000
Real Name Tyler Gregory Okonma
Date of birth/century 6. March 1991
28 years old.
source of income rapper, record producer, video music director, songwriter…
Height 6’0
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country / city of origin Charger Heights, California.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

The net value of Tyler’s maker is $6 million. It may seem surprising if you only know him as a rapper, but he has many other projects and companies that generate income.

Since beginning his career in the music industry with his first album almost ten years ago, Tyler’s creator has participated in many different commercial ventures to increase his wealth. All this income represents a net amount of several million for a young man.

How much does the maker of Tyler earn each year?

It’s estimated that Tyler’s creator makes about $2,000 a day. That’s about $800,000 a year.

How does designer Tyler earn his money?

As an artist with multiple creative aspirations, Tyler earns the maker’s money in many different ways. In addition to his own income from the sale of records and concerts, he is also a renowned music producer for other artists in the hip-hop community.

With his unique artistic vision and talent, Tyler rarely limits himself to one thing. He has worked as a fashion stylist, writer, graphic designer, music video director and television star.

As a member of hip-hop band Odd Future, he also earns money by selling the band’s mix steps, tours and merchandise. Although the group did not work together for some time, they did not say anything about the break-up.


With his eclectic Californian style, Tyler’s creator is a superstar in the hip-hop industry. This enterprising star not only owns rap, but also produces beats, creates art, designs clothing and performs.

His many talents and his refusal to obey the usual hip-hop style have made him a symbol for teenagers around the world who want to be creative and unique. Smart jeans and skateboards are preferable to baggy trousers and Bentleys.

Tyler’s music goes beyond the usual themes. This ability to interest people from all walks of life has enabled the young man to achieve record sales and profits.

Beginning of life

Tyler the maker was born in California in March 1991. His full name is Tyler Gregory Okonma, and he is of Nigerian, European and Canadian descent. He grew up in Los Angeles and started experimenting with music production in his early teens. At the age of 14 he learned to play the piano and started writing songs.

In 2007, Tyler Odd Future founded Wolf Gang Kill Them All, a hip-hop group made up of teenagers interested in alternative culture. Besides hip-hop, they all shared a love for skateboards, BMX bikes, horror films and rock music.

For the sake of simplicity, often called Weird Future or OFWGKTA, the band also includes friends of Tyler Left Brain, Hodge Beats and Jasper Dolphin. Over the years other members have joined, including Frank Ocean and Earl Sweetchart.

The band produced mixtapes and worked together on other projects, but each participant also produced solo works that showed certain talents and styles.

Personal life

Although there were many questions and speculations about Tyler’s personal life, he paid no attention to his sexual orientation or his status in the relationship. In the past, he had talked in public about having a boyfriend as a teenager, but it seems he withdrew afterwards.

He also rejected claims that he met model Kendall Jenner on social media sites and claimed that both were gay. While supporting his friend and colleague Odd Future member Frank Ocean, who admitted to being bisexual, Tyler has also been controversial about the use of insults against homosexuals in his words.

Tyler is a gay designer?.

The sexual orientation of Tyler the creator is something many fans have already suspected. Although he has been beaten up in the past for lyrics that some people thought were homophobic, he also made statements that made fans believe he could be gay or bisexual.

Some of the lyrics on his Flower Boy album suggest that he’s gay, but he hasn’t directly confirmed this to the media or the fans. When asked about these statements, he said that he had exaggerated, joked, or used a figure of speech.


Tyler’s musical career began with the release of his first mix tape, called Bastard, in 2009. This has helped revitalize social networks and the Internet, and many blogs and magazines have praised it as a masterpiece.

Subsequently, he released the Goblin album, featuring Yonkers’ first single. The video of this song caught the attention of fans and the industry and took their careers to the next level.

Over the next few years, Tyler added a TV star to his resume. He wrote, directed and performed most of the content for Loyters Kader, a series of comic sketches. He was at the show with members of his hip-hop band Strange Future.

With so much on his mind, Tyler took a break from the music to concentrate on other tasks. His next album, Wolf, was released in early 2013. On this record are many songs on which he has worked since his childhood. His next album, Cherry Bomb, was released in April 2015.

He started promoting the album at the Coachella Festival and then toured internationally. Tyler’s latest album, Flower Boy, was released in the summer of 2017.

Currently, Tyler’s net worth has reached $6,000,000.

Interesting facts

Tyler is known for his love of skateboarding and cycling and has a large collection of skateboards and BMX bikes. He is half Nigerian in line with his father and belongs to the ethnic group Igbo, but he has no relationship with his father. Before he became famous, he worked as a bartender at Starbucks in Los Angeles for about two years.


  • Tyler the Creator has released five solo studio albums and several mixtapes. He has also made three television shows that he has written, directed or acted.
  • He also created most of the solo music of the members of the band Unusual Future. Many members of the press and fans see him as the leader of the band, because he is usually involved in every project that bears the name of the team.

Favourite Quotes from Tyler the Creator

When Tyler became famous, he started talking about the dangers of celebrity and the hardness of celebrity.

One of his famous quotes about being a star:

Mom gets jealous because I see my manager more often than I used to.

I go on tour and it hurts / I miss the days when it was fun, but now it has become work.

Tyler’s Tips – Creator for success

Many of Tyler’s lyrics encourage fans to dream big and emphasise his respect for the dream that came true as a teenager. He urges fans to be leaders, not followers, of , and warns them that great thinkers are usually criticized for speaking out.

Motivational speech by the creator of Tyler



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