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Trisha Paytas Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $4,000,000
Name and surname Trisha Kay Pythas
Date of birth/century 8. May 1988 (30 years old)
source of income Internet personality, actress, singer-songwriter, model
Height 5’4”
Country of origin UNITED STATES.
Country / city of origin Riverside, California.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Trisha Pythas has a net value of $4,000,000.

Many years ago the traditional media had to create artists to even dream of making so much money.

However, Trisha Pitas is one of the first real YouTube celebrities, and she launched her channel while the platform was still very new in 2007.

Her success was not only due to the fact that she jumped on the platform when she was new and the competition was weak, but also to the fact that her video was fresh and compelling.

How much does Trisha Pite earn per year

Trisha Paytas owns two YouTube channels, both of which generate revenue through Google’s AdSense. Her necklace blndsundoll4mj was her first necklace on the set and is the necklace she is best known for.

In 2014, however, she founded her own channel, Trisha Paytas, which runs daily blogs to give viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of her life.

SocialBlade estimates that its main channel earns up to $900,000 a year, while its secondary channel earns up to $200,000.

How does Trisha Pytha make money?

Tricia’s video production is ongoing, and individual videos will generate up to $2,000 in the first few weeks of production, with the remaining revenue remaining over time.

Their clips range from professionally filmed music videos to extremely cheap confessional-like video magazines.

But Trisha doesn’t just make money with Google AdSense. She also takes care of several sponsors and makes sure that the brands are paid to promote their product on video.

Tricia also generates income from numerous books and music albums that can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes and Google.


An attempt to briefly describe Trisha Pythas in one sentence or less would be completely impossible.

Not only is she a videographer known for throwing herself into the crowd, no matter how unpleasant, but she is also an actress, comedian, singer and performer for adults.

Trisha started out as a stripper, but made a kind of unique leap into mainstream entertainment that is only possible in the digital age.

Beginning of life

Despite the fact that Trisha showed a cheerful and playful image on social networks, she didn’t have an easy start in life.

Trisha’s parents were arrested on the 8th. Born May 1988 in Riverside, California. They didn’t have a stable relationship and quickly divorced when Trisha was only three years old.

The mother moved with her sister to Illinois and divorced the daughters from the father.

Trisha’s personality fits perfectly with the fame of YouTube and reality TV shows, but this hype doesn’t always fit in a public school.

Trisha was ridiculed for her personality and growing weight. The latter would be a major part of her attraction to women all over the world struggling with her own weight.

After graduating high school, Tricia is looking forward to returning to California and moving to the West to live with her father.

Knowing she had something to offer the world, Trisha pursued a career as an actress and artist. She has had smaller roles in TV shows like The Greg Behrendt Show and Who Wants to be a Superhero?

During this time, Trisha has supported herself by working in men’s clubs – an experience she has never tried to hide from her fans.

In 2007, Trisha discovered YouTube and decided to create a channel, making her one of the first YouTube celebrities to join the platform.

The net value of Trisha Paytas was $4,000,000 in 2019.

While other YouTube hosts stick to one of these or themes such as beauty or comedy, Trisha has created videos in different genres to appeal to a wider audience.

She also consciously produced high-profile videos that she knew would attract attention because of the outrage they caused, such as the video in which she supported controversial political candidates or played the role of a stupid blonde.

Personal life

An important aspect of Trisha’s popularity that distinguishes her from other digital stars is her willingness to discuss her personal life with her fans.

In fact, it is probably the cornerstone of the Trisha brand. Tricia has struggled with her weight all her life and has often made videos in which she cried about her inability to lose weight or laughed while eating in fast food restaurants and pretended to be satisfied with her full figure.

Trisha also shares with her admirers every juicy detail of her scandalous love life. She met many Hollywood celebrities, including Aaron Carter, Dolph Siegeler and Crispin Glover.

One of her most famous celebrities was her relationship with actor Roger Bart, who later accused Trisha of infidelity and cruelty towards her in a series of controversial confessionals.

Trisha also caused controversy when she claimed that her ex-boyfriend, dancer Sean Van der Wilt, had been unfaithful to her with another man.

Trisha currently has a relationship with YouTube celebrity and Last Comic Standing actor Jason Nash.

The couple monetized their heartache by sharing their stormy relationships, including divorces, arguments and disputes, with the world.

Trisha maintains a tight circle with other YouTube stars, with whom she often collaborates. Famous friends include Shane Dawson, David Dobrick, Lisa Koshi and Jeffrey Star.


There are several segments of the entertainment industry in which Trisha Pythas has not dipped her toe.

In addition to her channel on YouTube, she has worked as an actress, with roles in television shows such as Modern Family and Tim and Eric Magnificent Show, Great Work! and films such as Vanderlust and Da Man.

Trisha has also appeared in several music videos for other artists, including Amy Winehouse and Eminem.

Trisha has also enjoyed her career as a musician and has released five albums, including Fat Chicks and Daddy Issues.

Although some of the songs were more comical than sincere, many were praised and reached the charts of iTunes and Billboard Top Heatseekers.

As an author, Trisha has published several books, including The Curves and the Loving Strippers’ Diaries.

These books are collections of personal essays about their lives that closely resemble the content of their YouTube channel.

She also sold fragrances, skin care products and branded clothing to her fans on YouTube.

Interesting facts about Trisha Paytas

  • Trisha has been named as the author of Mukbang’s music videos, which are very popular in the West. In these videos, made in South Korea, large amounts of food are often eaten while talking to the camera.
  • Trisha played with Celebrity Big Brother UK, where she was known for her drama and was controversial with the rest of the cast.
  • Trisha once said she was addicted to tanning after she appeared in my strange addiction to talk about her obsession.
  • She’s a big Michael Jackson and Howard Stern fan.
  • Trisha claims to be a Christian republican, although many viewers suspect that she embellishes her religious and political views for a clickbyte.


  • While its blog channel has just under 1.3 million subscribers, its main channel has a huge number – 4.8 million.
  • Trisha drives a pink Mercedes G-Wagon.
  • She lives in a $2 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills.
  • Her most popular video on YouTube was called Our Sexual Life and featured her ex-boyfriend Sean. This bold video attracted 122 million visitors.
  • Trisha’s most successful music single was the national anthem Fat Chicks.

Favorite Quotes from Trisha Paytas

You got a life so you wouldn’t waste it. Accept it. I think it’s great. Live.

Trust is about being yourself.

In the end, you’re beautiful.

Trisha Paytas’ Tips for success

Trisha is a great advocate of being yourself, no matter what the people around you say or think

Tricia believes in the importance of embracing her body and appearance, even if they do not meet the standards of the community.

Despite her superficial public reputation, Trisha has been consistent and persistent in her work. She uploads new videos to her channel almost daily and is constantly looking for other business opportunities in the entertainment industry.



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