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Toya Wright Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $10,000,000
Name and surname Antonia Johnson
Date of birth/century 26. October 1983 (35 years old)
source of income TV personality, rapper, businesswoman, writer.
Height 5’2’’
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country / city of origin New Orleans, Louisiana.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Toya Wright’s net assets are $10 million.

How much does Toya Wright earn each year?

Toya Wright’s annual salary has not been published.

How does Toy Wright make money?

Toya has many occupations. Despite the fact that she has only been shown in a few TV shows and films, she still earns a good living. His career as a successful writer and his sponsorship are part of it.

His entrepreneurial skills and popularity also contribute. She makes money in her Garb store, which is actually a large part of her net worth.

Moreover, his two books worked very well. Toya said that Tiny and Toya actually gave her the seed money she needed to invest in the Garb Boutique, which was her first store.


Toy Wright is an American businesswoman, writer and reality TV personality who became popular as the wife of rapper Lil Wayne. We got to know her even better when she played Tiny and Toya in the reality series.

Toya has laid the foundation for her own success and we will look at her ability, her background, her personal life and her professional history.

Beginning of life

The parents’ name, Toya Wright, is Antonia Johnson. His other popular names are Toya Carter and Antonia Wright. His birthday is the 26th. October 1983.

She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her parents are Anita Johnson-Andrews and Walter Johnson. The 5’2 business woman was his second child.

You became a mother as a teenager. There’s no record of the high school she went to, and there’s no record of her going to college.

Personal life

At the age of 12, Toyah met a rapper named Lil Wayne at a grocery store near New Orleans, Louisiana. They got together and when Toya was 14, she was pregnant with her daughter.

The 29th. In November 1998, at the age of 15, Toya had a daughter, Regina Carter. Years after Lil Wayne reached the stars, the couple married on their 14th wedding day. February 2004.

Unfortunately, two years later, in January 2006, the couple broke up because Toya could barely cope with the rapper’s lifestyle.

Hey, his career has kept him away from home for too long. Although the couple divorced, they remained good friends and were able to raise their daughter together.

The 18th. June 2011 Toyah and Mickey Memphitz Wright were married in Atlanta. Memphitz was Vice President of A&R at Jive Records and became very popular with his discovery of T-Pain.

The most popular visitors were Tiny, rapper Rashida, Candy, Niva, Monica Brown, Lauren London and Tamar Braxton-Herbert. In February 2015, Toya announced that he had separated from Wright. Rumor has it he’s not happy that Toya kept her last name.

The 31st. In July 2016, the brothers Toyoi Rudy and Josh were shot in their car in New Orleans. The police received a tip that someone named Tuané or Pinzet had said that he had stopped the shooting.

The police arrested Antoine Edwards and charged him on the 13th. March 2017 of premeditated second-degree murder. He was very grateful for all the prayers and messages he received in this situation. She said Lil Wayne flew out immediately to be with her at a difficult time.

The eighth. February 2018 You had a daughter named Ryan Rushing with her boyfriend at the time, Robert Red Rushing. Racing is an Atlanta sports director and owner of the clothing brand 2 Commas.

17. December 2018 during an episode of T.I. and Tiny snooping: Friends and family, Toyah, posted and deleted a message on Instagram that he and Robert Rushing were married.


Toya Wright’s acting career started in 2009 when she played in a reality show called Tiny and Toya on BET with Tameca Tiny Harris of R&B group Xscape (also the wife of the rapper, T.I.).

Their stars got a real boost when Toya had her own show called Toya: Family business. Her own series consisted of 16 episodes, and in 2011 she appeared in one season.

In addition to these two shows, Toya participated in the Fox Reality Awards and My Super Sweet 16 in 2014. In 2016, Toya appeared at the yank of the mating camp: The stars of reality.

Toya is a member of the Growing Up Hip Hop Support Troop: Atlanta, which will air from 2017. Toya has been involved with Friends and Family since 2018. This shows that Toya played well, but as an actress Toya has still not received an award as an individual.

Toya Wright’s net worth reached $10,000,000.

In addition to his role as an actor, Toya was also a famous writer. Among the books she has published are
Priceless Inspiration, a memoir entitled In My Own Words . My real reality is how you lose your husband, and you just don’t get it.

She based her memoirs on her personal experience. It became a New York Times bestseller. His second book consists of completely fictional stories.

As a businesswoman, Toya owns a G.A.R.B. store in New Orleans, Louisiana, and G.A.R.B. G.A.R.B. Shoetique in Smirna, Georgia.

Interesting facts

  • One of the things that makes Toya Wright so unique is that she was able to accept motherhood at such a young age. She took on that responsibility and still managed to have a successful career.
  • Toya Wright and Lil Wayne still have a great relationship.
  • Toy Wright and Lil Wayne were planning to get married as teenagers, but that didn’t happen until they were 20 and 21 years old.
  • Toya Wright’s marriage to Lil Wayne ended when he admitted he was with Niva. Apparently, Lil Wayne was with both women.
  • My old friend Tamar Braxton and I seem to have had a little misunderstanding after Tamar was deposed as Real’s hostess. Toya was booked for the show shortly after the move and said she found it strange not to be able to be booked while her friend was there, but it was so easy when she was away. Tamar immediately released Toya and another girlfriend, who continued to play in the show after he left.
  • Toya still wants to go to college. She believes this can increase her ability to succeed.
  • His daughter Regina Carter is now the headmaster of his first daughter Regina Carter. She supports her as she works on her musical career.

Favorite Quotes from Toya Wright

The Tiny & Toya reality show really gave me a platform to show the world who I am.

I mean anyone can start a business, but to be successful in business, you have to know the business.

Toya Wright’s Tips for Success

  1. Toya wants other young women to be the best they can be, not someone else’s idea of their best
  2. She believes that holding on to God first in her life enables her to keep His blessing and open doors.
  3. She wants other young people who have a dream not to give up and never to give up. She says that they have to believe in themselves and that it is worthwhile to work hard, because hard work will pay off.



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