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Rich Dollaz Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $2,500,000
Name and surname Richard Ashton Trawers.
Date of birth/century 4. August 1977 (42 years)
Height 6’2”
source of income entrepreneur, television personality
Country of origin UNITED STATES.
Country / city of origin Waterbury, Connecticut.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

The net value of the rich dollars is $2.5 million.

How many rich dollars do you earn per year

Rich would make about $200,000 a year from his companies. His salary at Universal Music of Love and Hip Hop will not be announced.

How does Rich Dollas earn his money?

The rich man made his fortune mainly through his musical career. Rich also owns 79 brands of Golden Caramel Alcohol.

The bottle costs $29.99 for 750 ml. He is also the founder and CEO of his own management company Dollaz Unlimited.

Besides his business and music, he is the star of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: New York. He is also a leader in promoting universal music on the radio.

House and cars

Rich is a big Mercedes-Benz fanatic. He now owns a $122,400 Mercedes Benz G-Class. This car is one of the most expensive of this model. He also owns a red Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which costs about $39,325. Finally, there is the Chevrolet Corvette, which starts at $71,190 and can go up to $84,010.

Besides luxury cars he loves shoes and watches. He seems to really like the Carrera watch. He puts a Golden Carrera on his social media page. Rich often shows his shoe collection, including his favorite Nike and KAY shoes.

No information about the rich house has been published.


Rich Dollas is an American entrepreneur, television presenter and music director who founded his own management company in 2009.

He went behind the scenes and received a lot of public attention when he performed in the VH1 Love and Hip Hop series in 2011. That’s when he became famous for his dramatic life. Let’s take a look at the net worth of the rich, their biography, their personal lives and their careers.

Beginning of life

Rich Dollas was killed on the 4th. August 1977, born in Waterbury, Connecticut, son of Richard Ashton Trovers. The rich parents haven’t been published, but we know they’re African-American.

He attended the University of Nashville, Tennessee, where he reportedly joined the Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. After graduation he first moved to Atlanta and worked in a hotel for a year.

One of the brothers of the Brotherhood contacted him and told him that Puff was looking for someone for his office in New York. Rich already had an internship at the Dark One, so he had experience. He went there, and they gave him a chance. Puffy used to call him Rich Dollas.

Personal life

Rich isn’t married yet, but they say he has four kids in total. Despite the fact that he has two sons and two daughters, only the eldest daughter is betrayed.

Her eldest daughter is Ashley Trawers and the mother of her baby is Shondrea Nicolle. Their relationship ended badly and Schondrea accused the rich of not providing for her child and not paying for custody.

Rich was in the middle of a radio interview when the police came to arrest him. Then the mother of her baby heard screaming that he refused to take a paternity test and tried to refuse her child.

It turned out that he had received a warrant for the paternity proceedings for not appearing. The mother of the other three of his children was not betrayed.

In 2015 Rich was the co-star of the reality show Love and Hip-Hop VH1 : Hollywood Monis Slaughter for a while.

He reportedly met Erika Mena in 2012-13, but rumours of her involvement surfaced but were never confirmed. Ritchie’s ex-Shondrea claimed that he and Erica Men only pretended to be together for publicity purposes.

Rich’s had a pretty long list of things to do in recent years. In 2014 Richie was associated with Cyn, in 2015 with Johnny Blaze, in 2018 with Mariachlin and the last time he would have met Diamond Strawberry.

Today he would come back to be with Wonder Kaye (Shondrea Nicole).

In October 2014, Richie was arrested in Hudson for obstructing his arrest. They say he gave the police a false name. He was released the day after bail was set at $10,500.

In 2018, Richie appeared on MTV Catfish because his cousin Rove allegedly cheated on the woman to make her think it was Rich she met.

When the truth came out, Richie said he had nothing to do with it, and his cousin said he was just having fun on the Internet.

Many viewers sang that they thought Richie was the original broadcaster and paid his nephew to wear the hat for him because he was in the show.

Richie has always dreamed of a career in music, and he pursued his dream until he founded his own management company for pop artists.


Dollas started working as an intern at Bad Boy Records for eight years, right after college. He helped find several musicians, including Ryan Leslie, Gorilla Zoey, Young Jock and Cassie.

Richie played an important role in Cassie’s first success and is credited with the release of her first single, Me & U. When he left Bad Boy Records, Universal Music hired him as a radio promotion manager – a position he held until he founded his own management company, Dollaz Unlimited.

When Ritchie started his own company, he was able to use all the skills and experience he had gained during his internship. He already knew how to help the media, actors, musicians, models and authors pave the way to success.

Ritchie became a real TV star when he joined the cast of the VH1 series Love and Hip-Hop in 2011. He started getting a cast for love and hip-hop: Hollywood in 2015.

His company Dollaz Unlimited represents the caste of Olivia Longo, Erika Mena and many other artists. He has assisted stars like Cherie Dennis, Cory Ganz, R-Les and Danity Kane.

Richie Dollas received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his professional development from a simple leadership role to a central role in the VH1 film Love and Hip-Hop.

Interesting facts

  • Ritchie’s first real project with Bad Boy Records was Making the Band. It was a season in which Chopper and Bubs and the rest of the team participated. At that time he worked in advertising and marketing.
  • Ritchie says that in the ten years that Love and Hip-Hop has started, everyone has learned. One of the biggest lessons he has learned is that sometimes you have to think about what is right, not just how to make a company’s profits. He gave Erica Olivia’s file, and while that made sense as a business move, it was a mistake because it hurt Erica personally.
  • Richie is the founder of a foundation in Memphis for battered women and children called the House of Restoration Wonders.



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