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Nikki Mudarris Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $800,000
Name and surname Nicole Bedia Mudarris
Date of birth/century 28. June 1990. (Age: 28 years)
source of income Reality Television Star, entrepreneur
Height 5’5”
Country of origin UNITED STATES.
Country / city of origin Los Angeles, California.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Nikki Mudarris’ net worth is $800,000.

How much does Nikki Mudarris earn each year?

She never published her salary, but she does earn money on various projects.

How does Nikki Mudarris make money?

She earns most of her money through a family network of clubs that she now owns and operates. Their salary is unknown.

She is also paid for every reality show in which she appears. They said she made over $300,000 a year for love and hip-hop: Hollywood. She also participated in other reality shows and talk shows and received a salary for each performance.

She’s also an entrepreneur. It earns money by selling the clothesline and has a different location since 2019. It plans to expand its fashion offering and open a physical store.

Your positions within Instagram are another source of income. Every message that a product promotes to its 3 million followers generates advertising revenue.


Nikki Mudarris is a reality show star and entrepreneur. His first concert was about love and hip-hop: Hollywood, where she was Malley Mel’s first girlfriend.

After their divorce, she joined the cast. She is known for her dramatic and complex relationships with men and women.

She is also an entrepreneur with her own line of underwear and plans to expand into the areas of active clothing and makeup.

Beginning of life

Nicole Bedia Mudariss was born on the 28th. Born June 1990 in Los Angeles, California. His father is Abu Mudarris, known as the godfather of burlesque.

His mother is Marcel Ezerzer Mudarris, a former dancer. His family owns a network of men’s clubs called The Body Shop in California.

She has a sister, Monica. She had a brother, Anthony, who died in 2015.

As a child, she dreamed of becoming a model. She went to the University of Southern California, where she graduated in economics. She graduated in 2015.

Personal life

When she first appeared on Love and Hip-Hop: In Hollywood, she was the girlfriend of music producer Mally Mel.

During the show there was a very unfriendly divorce, which led to lawsuits. Then she went out with Lil Fuzz for about a year. In 2016 she met Safari Samuels, the producer of the show.

She was openly bisexual, had different love triangles and a complicated relationship with both sexes.

Since then she has also had romantic relationships with Stephen Belafont, Rosa Acosta and Joséline Hernandez. She also went out a few years in a row with basketball player Austin Day.

She’s single now and has no kids. If she’s not working on one of her many projects, she likes to go to London.


Currently, the net worth of Nikki Mudarris has reached $800,000.

Nikki Mudarris started her career as a stage model. His first television appearance was in Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood in 2014.

She stayed on the show until 2018. In this period she appeared on other television shows, including Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta and the place of hip-hop.

She works with her family in their clubs in California and Las Vegas. She is now the official owner and manager of these clubs.

She also has her own trendy lingerie line called Nude by Nikki. In 2017, it has developed a line of lip gloss and hopes to expand this to a complete make-up line in the future.

It’s popular on Instagram, with 3 million followers. It extends its entrepreneurial spirit to its positions, which are often sponsored by the brands it supports.

It also promotes its own lingerie brand and website.

Interesting facts

  • She buys a small but growing collection of cars, including the Bentley Continental Coupe.
  • She graduated from university with a 3.43.
  • She underwent many plastic surgeries, but some of them were cancelled because she didn’t like the results.
  • She’s good friends with Angel Brinks of the Women’s Basketball League: Los Angeles and wearing her dress.


  • In 2019 she starred in a video about So Excitedly Fat Joe.
  • She hosted the Real talk show in 2017.
  • She also appeared on the reality show Scared Famous in 2017.

Favorite Quotes from Nikki Mudarris

Participation in the exhibition has influenced my relationship in one way or another, because it is presented in public. Last year I went through a lot with my family and I only needed a minute to myself.

I’m not here to hit you or tell you that, to bring you this guy, I can’t, you know, I’m not a doctor, I can’t do that, but I can be there and support you so you can make the best choice in your life.

It’s very hard for me to be strong when I’m in too much pain inside, and I’m just trying to hide it. Of course I want to be with my girlfriend, because I don’t want anything to happen to her, so I did my part and I was there, but in general it was very hard for me.

Tips for success of Nikki Mudarris

If I’m on your side, I’m stuck here, I’m not going around the circus.

I am so grateful to God that I have found this trust for myself. And it’s not about surgery or anything else It’s about a psychic being in Los Angeles

You know I have the job, and I’ve done things to increase my production, and whether people like it or hate it, I live for myself If I wanted everyone’s hate remarks and opinions to be meaningful, I wouldn’t be Miss Nikki Baby. I wouldn’t be me.



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