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Nick Cannon Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $50,000,000
Name Nicholas Scott Cannon
Date of birth/century 8. October 1980 (38 years old)
Country / city of origin San Diego, California, United States.
Height 5’10
Years in business 1998-present
Profession Actors, comedians, rappers, singers.

Shareholders’ equity

Nick Cannon’s net worth is $50 million.

What is Nick Cannon’s annual salary?

Cannon received $70,000 for every episode; America received talents. Reportedly, he earns more than his current moderator.

How did Nick Cannon make his money?

Nick Cannon is an actor, music producer, television producer and presenter of a talent show. Cannon became popular as the host of America’s Got Talent, a high-end television show. He hosted this hit show for four seasons.

Cannon is a seductive actress who meets charm, humor and discretion. He is a sought-after presenter and has evolved from America’s Got Talent to a series of game shows and reality shows.

Cannon has been a familiar face to viewers since the age of 11.

Cannon started his career as a singer. He has had some success in the recording industry, but he is best known as an actor, actress and showman.

Rifle Quick Information

  • He was killed on the 8th. Born October 1980 in San Diego.
  • His full name is Nicholas Scott Cannon.
  • He’s six feet tall.


Cannon grew up in the Bay Vista residential complex in Lincoln Park. It was a tough, criminal area in San Diego. He later said he was connected to the local blood gang Lincoln Park, but left that connection to concentrate on the school.

Cannon was a good student and a sportswoman at his school. Closed in 1998.

Comedy Career

Cannon’s father owned a local cable station in San Diego. When Cannon was eight years old, he started performing with his father. At the age of 11 he had his own comedy show at the station.

As a teenager, Cannon started performing in comedy clubs in Los Angeles. He worked in the laughing factory, the comedy and improvement workshop.

This work has led to a permanent role in the Nickelodeon All That.

Movement equipment

Cannon played roles in Drumline in 2002 and Love Don’t Cost a Thingin 2005.

Music career

Cannon had a taste of success with the men’s rap group Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad, which toured the country for several big shows.

In 2001 he signed a contract with Jive Records. He released his first album in 2003. He did the 15th. Place yourself on the R&B map of the United States.

In 2005 he founded his own company, Can-I-Ball Records.

In 2010 Cannon created a singing figure called Slick Nick. The character is a parody of Slick Rick’s singer. Like Slick Nick, Cannon has released the singles I’m Slick Rick and Nick’s Story.

In the same year he dissolved his record company and founded a new production company called N’Credible Entertainment.

Around the same time his acting and television career began and Cannon became increasingly interested in producing and directing television programs. Cannon’s second album, White People Party Music, will be released in 2014.

Television and host roles

Cannon played in his own The Nick Cannon Showfor two seasons starting in 2003. In 2004 Cannon talked to MTV about the development of a stand-up comedy show. In 2005 he produced and directed the program Wild and Out, which was broadcasted for one season.

When MTV 2012 decided to relaunch Wild and Out , the new version broke MTV’s classification records. The show ran for eight seasons, and each season won first place.

Cannon had a hosting line, where

  • DJ, Ellen DeGeneres shows Bigger, longer and wider in 2006.
  • Presenter, Nickelodeon HALO Awards 2009.
  • Host, 2010 Nightlife.
  • Host of Nathan’s 2011 hot dog eating contest.
  • Host, 2012 Revival Wild and Out.
  • Speaker, 2012-2017, Teen Nick Top 10.
  • Presenter, 2013 Ebony Awards Magazine Power 100
  • Leader, 2014 captured on camera with Nick Cannon .
  • Star, 2017 Showtime-Comedy-Special Get up, do not shoot.
  • Moderator, 2009-2017, America receivedtalents
  • Teacher, 2019 singer in mask.

America hastalents.

In 2009, Cannon received its biggest welcome concert when it was invited to perform at CBS America’s Got Talent. The show had an excellent audience with Cannon as host.

Nick Cannon’s net worth is $50 million.

Early 2017 Cannon made some critical remarks to CBS during his Showtime comedy special. He also said he would leave the exhibition. Later in the year CBS confirmed that Cannon would leave the company. Tyra Banks hosted the exhibition.

Production and development

Cannon has always shown great interest in the commercial and industrial aspects of entertainment. In 2009 he became chairman of TeenNick for Nickelodeon and consultant for network development and creativity. He’s still in that position.

During its mandate, the network has developed several high-speed programmes.

In 2012 Cannon signed an agreement with NBCUniversal for writing and producing software.


In 2008 Cannon married the legendary pop singer Mariah Carey in a high-profile wedding on her Bahamian estate. They had twins called Monroe and Cameron Scott.

The couple divorced in 2014, but they reconciled a year later. The reconciliation ended when Cannon showed that he had a son of actress Brittany Bell.

Famous news sites report that Cannon refuses to sign the divorce papers because he’s still in love with Cary. Cary is engaged to financier James Packer, but can’t marry him until Cannon signs the divorce papers.

Cannon deliberately denied delaying the paperwork and claimed that lawyers were delaying the divorce for both parties. In 2016 he published a song entitled Divorce Papers, in which he expressed his disappointment at the trial.

Current status

In 2019 Cannon approved the new Fox The Masked Singer. Fox has announced the second season of the show.

Favourite Quotes from Nick Cannon

Hunger is one of my biggest concerns and I believe that no one in this world should go without food as long as there are caring people who can lend a helping hand. I’ve had to fight in the past and I know what it’s like to give up. So I do my best to draw attention to an issue that is close to my heart.

Nick Cannon’s Tips for Success

One thing you can do as a stand-up is a one-man show. You have to do everything. You are a producer, director, screenwriter and actor. You must relinquish all your powers. It is such an honest art form that it has taught me so much, and it has prepared me for masculinity from an early age.

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