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Meet Neil Jason Wharton – Pictures of Vince Neil’s Son …

Meet Neil Jason Wharton – Pictures of Vince Neil’s Son …


Candy Johnson a.k.a. Candy Shane Johnson, born 9. July 1978, mother of four children. Kandi Johnson’s children include two daughters, Alani Johnson and Ellie Johnson; and two sons, Jordan Johnson and Blake Johnson.

Candy Johnson is a famous personality and beauty blogger on YouTube. She is from Los Angeles, California, and has reached nearly 4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Let’s go meet Candy’s four kids.

Jordan Johnson Candy Johnson’s first birthday

Candy Johnson’s son, Jordan Johnson, was born on the 19th. Born in February 1997. Jordan, 22, is best known as the firstborn and child of the famous make-up artist Candy Johnson.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Candy had already experimented with YouTube. He called his necklace Boys Boys with his friendRyan Weight. But it didn’t work, so he removed his YouTube channel.

In addition, Jordan seems to be an entry-level model and made her debut as a model at New York Fashion Week. Not only that, but also the fact that he appeared in Vogue Jordan’s mother, Candy, was one of the happiest souls and the first to congratulate him.

Look, my Jordan in @voguemagazine @FordModels for @TimoWeiland! He is not on Twitter, but his YG @justsannicks

– Candy Johnson (@kandeejohnson) 15. July 2016.

Jordan also has an Instagram account, but is not very active in its social networks.

Blake Johnson was born in 2007

Candy Johnson’s second son, Blake Johnson, was born on the 11th. Born in September 2007.

According to his Instagram report, 12-year-old Blake loves his family and his favorite car is the Lamborghini, which he would like to see in blue, pink and green. He’s got his own account at Instagram.

Alani Johnson is the eldest daughter of Candi.

The beautiful Alani is Candy’s eldest daughter. She has her own Instagram account, where she usually posts her photos.

Meet Neil Jason Wharton – Pictures of Vince Neil’s Son …

Alani Johnson likes to click on the pictures. The source of the image: Instagram/Alani Johnson.

With the exception of Jordan, not all of Candy Johnson’s children appear in the media so often. Alanie, Ellie and Blake Johnson live far from the attention of the press.

According to some sources, Kandi’s ex-husband asked her not to show the faces of her children anywhere, but to the custody judge.

But in January 2011, Kandi broadcast a video on her second YouTube channel, where she introduced the unborn child Ellie to her fans.

Meet Neil Jason Wharton – Pictures of Vince Neil’s Son …

The great Candy Johnson, known for her impeccable make-up artists, is a single mother of four. On her personal blog, Kandi talked about her failed marriages and also expressed her feelings as if her dream had come to an end. Kandi was married twice and gave birth to her first child, Jordan, at the age of eighteen. But Kandi didn’t mention the names of her ex-husbands.

The name means: Candy Johnson-Kids

Alani Johnson: Alani is the name of a modern girl of 21st century Hawaiian descent. Century, that means fruit. But it also reflects the meaning of the word awakening.

Ally Johnson: Ellie is a Hebrew maiden name, which makes God my light.

Jordan Johnson: Jordan is the name of a Jewish man, which means he must go under.

Blake Johnson: Blake is the name of the boy, derived from the Gaelic word blat, which gives meaning to a flower, a flower or a wealth.

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