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Meet Karis Jagger – facts about Mick Jagger’s daughter Marsha Hunt.

Meet Karis Jagger – facts about Mick Jagger’s daughter Marsha Hunt.


American actor and personality Jeff Foxworthy is one of the greatest actors of his generation and a highly respected member of his community. He is best known for hosting his own sitcom show called The Jeff Foxworthy Show and has produced several comedy albums. Besides his musical career Jeff Foxworthy is also married and has two daughters: Jordan Foxworthy and Julian Foxworthy.

Jeff married Pamela Gregg because they met in Atlanta, Georgia, and later at the age of 18. September 1985, is married. Their first daughter Jordan Foxworthy was born in 1992, and two years later, in 1994, the couple gave birth to their second daughter Julian Foxworthy, with whom they completed their family.

Jeff has intimate relationships with his daughters, and they mean a lot to him. Although his daughters grow up and are left to their fate (Jordan is 26 and Julianne 24), he takes care of his little girls and always protects them. But all of his daughters are long and upright, but they still love their father very much.

Meeting with Jordan Foxworthy – Older daughter

Jordan Foxworthy, Jeff’s eldest daughter, was born in 1992. Although many details about her are unknown, she is known as an active participant in various types of public works. Jeff told me that she went to Kenya to work in AIDS orphanages when she was only 10 years old. She also sold muffins to buy mosquito nets to protect people in Africa against malaria.

Meet Karis Jagger – facts about Mick Jagger’s daughter Marsha Hunt.

Jeff Foxworthy’s eldest daughter is Jordan Foxworthy.
The source of the image: Twitter

Jeff loves his eldest daughter very much, and he talks about it in interviews all the time. It was pretty clear when Jordan left her family because she had to go to college. Jeff said in an interview that she is an extraordinary girl and that he will miss her very much and that he will love her.

Jeff Julianne Foxworthy’s youngest daughter

Jeff’s second and youngest daughter, Julian Foxworthy, was born in 1994, two years after his older sister. Julianne is 24 years old. We don’t know much about her, but we do know that she grew up and now lives alone. Jeff praised his youngest daughter very much and apparently loves her very much.

Meet Karis Jagger – facts about Mick Jagger’s daughter Marsha Hunt.

Jeff and Julian Foxworthy’s daughter.
The source of the image: Zimbio

During the Country Music Awards 2006, which Jeff organized, he performed a special dance with the team, Dancing with the Stars, which his daughters didn’t like very much. They told him they were ashamed and that they had to go to school the next day.

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