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Meet Jessica Osbourne – Photos of Ozzy Osbourne ‘s daughter Thelma Riley.

Meet Jessica Osbourne – Photos of Ozzy Osbourne ‘s daughter Thelma Riley.


The eminent Irish and Hollywood actor James Pedraig Farrell, son of Colin Farrell, was born in 2003. He’s Colin’s only son with his ex-wife Kim Bordenadeve. Farrell jr. is the older brother of his half-brother,Henry Tadeusz Farrell with his half-mother, Alicia Bachledoy-Curus.

The proud parents, Colin and Kim, survived almost two years, but the relationship did not end in marriage. Despite the grumpy relationship of the past, the old turtle pigeons are now healthy for the welfare of their son.

Rare genetic disease of young James

A child’s first steps are wonderful for all parents, but for Farrell and his family it means even more. After Father Colin to say that your child may never take the first step, and then see those first steps – it’s just another sport in general.


Meet Jessica Osbourne – Photos of Ozzy Osbourne ‘s daughter Thelma Riley.

The star of the Fantastic Beasts and the mother of the boy, Kim Bordenawa, share their triumphs and admire his small steps; the first words at the age of six, the ability to feed themselves and control cramps.

Actor Colin Farrell wants to heal his sons

Colin’s first son from his relationship with the model, Kim Bordenway, James, is half-sister to the young Henry Tadeusz Farrell. Despite the fact that their veins bleed differently, the brothers have a strong bond and their relationship is admirable. Moreover, Father Colin did not allow his sons to behave like kings.

According to Farrell’s father, he likes to pass on experiences and things to his children that he never should have at Colin’s age. A blessed family often goes on adventures and loves to be together.

James Pedraig Farrell: The child’s name means

The beautiful name James is a classic name for a baby. The English form of the late Latin name Lacomus, which was available from Ιακωβος (Iakobos) The miraculous name also comes from the famous Hebrew name James. The clear meaning of this name is repression or the following. In addition, the name of James is also mentioned in the Bible as the brother of Jesus.

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