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Meet Isa Bolton – Photos of Michael Bolton’s daughter Maureen McGuire.

Meet Isa Bolton – Photos of Michael Bolton’s daughter Maureen McGuire.


Did you know that Slade Smiley-Grayson’s son Smiley fights brain cancer?  But before we know more about him, we want to know more about his father. Slade Smiley is one of the actors on the reality show Real Housewives of Orange County.

Slade had a relationship inwith Michel Arroyo in, and together the previous couple shared two sons, Gavin Smiley and Grayson Smiley. Although Slade is now in the ROC with his wife Gretchen Rossi, he has already been seen with his former partner and eldest son Gavin. Fans didn’t understand why his youngest son wasn’t shown at the time. It was later discovered that Slade Smiley’s youngest son had been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Grayson Brain cancer

Born on the 16th. May 2000, Grayson Alexander Arroy-Smiley is the youngest son of reality TV star Slade Smiley. At the time of his birth he was born in perfect health, but by the time he was four years old everything was upside down. He began to show signs of retarded development and by the time he went to kindergarten his eyesight had deteriorated considerably. In May 2006, his health deteriorated day by day and he started talking in his sleep and vomiting every time he was fed. Michelle thought her son had a stomach flu and decided to take him to the hospital so little Grayson could feel better.

Meet Isa Bolton – Photos of Michael Bolton’s daughter Maureen McGuire.

Slade likes to spend time with his son Grayson. The source of the image: Getty Pictures.

No other information has been released in connection with this news, so we can only hope that Slade will pay support to his former partner, and also hope that Grayson will get the money and treatment he needs. Statistically, 46% of patients with diffuse fibrillar astrocytoma survive up to 4.7 years and 0% up to 10 years. However, Grayson’s mother hopes to exceed all quotas and change the statistics in the long run. For more information about Grayson’s state of health, please visit his official website.

The Grayson smiley face name means.

Slade Smiley’s son, Grayson Smiley, is of English descent, the son of a gray-haired child.

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