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Meet Eddie Redmayne’s Beautiful Children Hannah Bagshawe’s Wife

Meet Eddie Redmayne’s Beautiful Children Hannah Bagshawe’s Wife


Hong Kong actor, Donny Ian, – proud father of three children. The names of his children are Man-Zeok Yen, Jasmin Yenand James Yen. Donny’s had three kids from two different mothers. Currently the actor is married to the famous model Honk Kong, Cissy Wang. The charming couple already tied the knot of the wedding in 2003 and have stayed together ever since.

The two lovebirds Donny Ian and Sissy Van have two children: Daughter Jasmine and son James. Donny was previously married to an advertising specialist named Leung Jing Xi. An ex-boyfriend shares a child with Man Zeke.

Tsik Man Ian Aka Jeff – the eldest child of actor Donny.

Donny Ian’s son, Man-Seek Ian, was born in 1995. Jeff, 24, is the eldest child of a famous actor. As said, Jeff is the son of star Ip Manfrom his first marriage to advertising director Leung Jing Xi.

In the past, the activist star from Hong Kong had clearly stayed away from her older offspring. However, Father’s Day was different in 2018, because Donny published a picture of his three children together. Almost two decades have passed and her three-headed brood has rarely been photographed together.

Meet Eddie Redmayne’s Beautiful Children Hannah Bagshawe’s Wife

Donny Ian met his eldest son Man-Zeke Ian after a long time. Image source : Eight days.

Jeff’s parents married in the United States in 1992, but the former partners separated less than a year later. After the divorce, Leung found out she was pregnant with Donny’s baby. Then the court granted him custody of Jeff.

There are reports that Jeff was hospitalized in 2013 with a pneumothorax and underwent lung surgery. Fortunately, the situation has now stabilized and he leads a normal and healthy life. He also has two halves from his father’s second marriage.

Meet Eddie Redmayne’s Beautiful Children Hannah Bagshawe’s Wife

Donny Ian has two children, Jasmine Ian and James Ian, from his marriage to Sissy Van. The source of the image: Instagram/Jasmine Ian.

Donny Ian’s daughter is dancer.

There’s no doubt that Jasmine Ian is a great dancer. As a graceful dancer, Donny’s child also seems to be a role model. A clear face really reflects its natural beauty. Donny’s versatile daughter enjoys her weekends with trips to beautiful places. And that’s not all, she even likes surfing and skiing.

Meet Eddie Redmayne’s Beautiful Children Hannah Bagshawe’s Wife

Jasmine Ian is a model and dancer. The source of the image: Instagram/Jasmine Ian.

Now Jasmine seems to lead a satisfying life and is very satisfied with her life. It is clear that the versatile Jasmine has a bright future ahead of it.

The two children of Donnie Ian are active on.

Although they are still a bit young to enter the world of social media, Donnie’s two youngest children are active on their Instagram pen. Donny’s youngest child, James Ian, will have 3.1K followers on his Instagram account from 2019. James loves to travel the world with his beautiful family of four. James was born in 2007 and seems very happy with his life.

It is true that the Ian family is very charming and has a very strong bond with others. The youngest son seems to be related to every member of his family. There are also two domestic dogs called Peanuts and Toffee.

Name Meaning : Donny Ian’s kids

Man-Seke Ian: Zeok Man is a universal name of Slavic origin and means mountain or someone who lives in the mountains.

Jasmine Ian: Jasmine is a female name of Persian origin. A beautiful name gives the value a gift from God.

James Ian: James is a classic boy’s name in Hebrew, which means replacement.

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