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Meet Angelo Adkins – Photos of Adele ‘s son with Simon Konecki

Meet Angelo Adkins – Photos of Adele ‘s son with Simon Konecki


Vocalist Hello , son of Adele’s Angelo Adkins was born on 19. Born in October 2012. He’s Adele’s first child with her husband , Simon Horse. Over the years, Adele has managed to keep her life a secret. In 2016 they organized a discreet wedding ceremony. In their son’s case, the couple are also trying to keep him away from the press.

The arrival of Angelo Adkins brought the couple happiness and blessings. Because he is an only child, both Adèle and Simon do their best to keep him in good condition, especially in the public eye. There is no doubt that Angelo is very beloved, because he has no other brothers and sisters who can share the love of his parents.

Son of Adel Angelo Adkins

Although Angelo is the son of a famous singer like Adèle, he rarely appears on social networks. The couple did their best to escape the attention of the paparazzi and stop spreading rumours. They don’t want their son’s private life to be disturbed only by his parents.

Meet Angelo Adkins – Photos of Adele ‘s son with Simon Konecki

Adele and her son Angelo Adkins are dressed as Spider-Man, with a blurred face. Image source – Restore images.

Currently Adele’s son, Angelo Adkins, is six years old and his mother loves him very much. Adele said her son, Angelo, was an important factor in her happiness and success. From the moment she was born, she felt she had a purpose to live on this earth and motherhood gave her pride like no other.

Since Angelo has the musician’s gene, there is no doubt that his mother’s talent has been passed on to him. We want to see him grow up and sing like his mother. But we don’t know that for sure. His ambitions may be different from his mother’s. Still, we hope he will carry his mother’s inheritance. In one of her interviews Adèle gave a short report of her son. Adele said her son would rather row, row, row your boat than his records. And when she sings him a lullaby, he tells her to shut up.

Meet Angelo Adkins – Photos of Adele ‘s son with Simon Konecki

We’re wondering if Adele’s planning on having a second child or not.

Angelo Adkins: The name means

The name Angelo comes from the German word for nobility.

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