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Meet Aasim Harris – Pictures of Mendeecees Harris’ Son With Baby Mama Erika DeShazo

Meet Aasim Harris – Pictures of Mendeecees Harris’ Son With Baby Mama Erika DeShazo


The star LAHHMendeecees Harris‘ son Aasim Harris was born on 7. Born in September 2011. Mendissei had a son, Aasim, with his former partner, Erica Deschazo. Aasim is an only child between Mendissei and Erica.

Although little Aasim has half-sisters on his father’s side, he has an older half-brother named Mendeecees Harris Jr., son of Mendeecees Harris and mother of babySamantha Wallace. In addition, Aasim has two other half-sisters, Skylar Smith Harris and Omere Harris,Mendeecees, who have children with his wife, Yandy Smith.

Aasim Harris – Natural Children’s Ambassador.

Mendice Harris’ son, Aasim Harris, 7 years old, is already an ambassador. He’s a nutritionist at Natural Bunch Kids. NBK is a brand that specializes in selling products for children with curly hair, at an affordable price and of high quality. Well, if he keeps this up, little Aasim might even make a few big deals in the future.

Asim has an account with Instagram, which will have more than 8000 followers by November 2018. His Insta wall is filled with pictures of him having fun and enjoying his childhood. And when we looked at his profile, we discovered that Mendice Harris’ son, Aasim, loves basketball and likes to go to school. He uploads photos that say the school is cool. Looks like Aasim’s a pretty bright student.

Well, Aasim lives with his mother,Erica Deshazo, , and his father, Mendice Harris, is locked up for drug trafficking.

Excellent relationship with older half-brother

Although Aasim has several mothers, there is a close relationship between Aasim and his older half-brother Mendicez Harris Jr. We often see a couple of brothers together, whether it’s at a basketball or baseball game. Besides, Aasim Mendice calls Harris Jr. his older brother Mendice.



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