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Martin Lawrence Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $110,000,000
Name Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence
Date of birth/century 16. April 1965 (54)
Country / city of origin Frankfurt, Hesse, West Germany.
Height 5’7
Years in business from 1987 to the present day
Profession Comedian, actor, screenwriter.

Shareholders’ equity

Martin Lawrence’s net worth is $110 million.

How did Martin Lawrence make his money?

Martin Lawrence is a comedian, actor, screenwriter and film producer. Lawrence became famous in the nineties with the sitcom Martin and the Def Comedy Jam.

Lawrence has become a series of unforgettable and hilarious performances in comedy blockbusters such as Life, Big Momma’s House and A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

Despite appearing in several films, Lawrence was able to secure $10 million for his roles in the film. He was a popular artist known to viewers from his early years on television.

It has kept them low for the past ten years, but has recently undertaken new projects. For 2020 he plans to film the sequel to The Bad Boys and various television projects.

Martin Lawrence Quick facts

  • Born on the 16th. April 1965 in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • He’s six feet tall.
  • His birth name is Martin Fitzgerald Kennedy.
  • He’s got houses in Los Angeles and Purcellville, Virginia.


Lawrence was born in Germany, where his father served in the U.S. Army. His parents called him Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy. He was the fourth in a family of six.

Moving to Maryland

At the age of 12, the Lawrence family returned to Washington. His father left the army and became a policeman. The family lived in Landover, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC.

A few years later, his parents divorced.

Lawrence is a graduate of the Thomas G. Pullen School of Creativity and Performing Arts.

As a teenager, Lawrence was an excellent boxer in the Golden Glove tournaments.

At first he thought about his boxing career, but he changed his mind after a serious eye injury. He then decided to focus on comedy and theatre.

Relocation to New York

At the age of 20, Lawrence moved to New York to pursue a career as an actor. He managed to get into improvisation and other big clubs.

He also participated in the television programme Star Search and reached the final round.

Television rolls

This performance led to greater recognition of Lawrence’s talents and he was invited to appear in the sitcom What’s going on now?

When the series was cancelled, he used his contacts and experience to get roles in the film series:

Lawrence’s role in doing the right thing was the first time he played a serious character.

In 1990 Russell asked Simmons Lawrence to organize Def Comedy Jam .


In 1992 Lawrence won the lead role in his own sitcom Martin, which ran for five seasons. The show became very popular and made Lawrence famous among the viewers. The success of the Martin has made Fox a serious contender for prime time viewers.

After Martin’s graduation in 1997, Lawrence was filmed in several comedies. He has played a particularly important role in serious and highly successful films:

  • Bad boys.
  • Life.
  • Grande Mama’s House.
  • Life.
  • Big mama’s house 2.
  • Wild boar.

Bad Boys has shown that Lawrence can take on combat roles In the role of Detective Marcus Burnett, he and his co-star Will Smith have been irresistible in a blockbuster fight comedy about two Los Angeles cops.

The film was a success, earning Lawrence recognition as the protagonist in the comic strip.
This reputation was strengthened by his appearance in the house of the Grande Mama.

Martin Lawrence’s net worth is currently $110 million.

The film asked Lawrence to pretend to be a big old lady. The film was a great success, raising $28 million in the first week, and Lawrence was undoubtedly a star.

In 2011 Lawrence signed up for the third episode of Big Mom, Big Mom:. As a father, as a son.

Personal and legal problems

Lawrence had several widespread personal problems. In 1995, during the shooting of the film Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Lawrence became angry and ended up in hospital.

In 1994 he was a guest of the owner of Saturday Night Live. During the monologue he began to mumble in particularly vulgar language. Saturday Night Live was broadcast after the monologue was removed.

Lawrence is the only guest banned from the show forever.

In 1996 he was seen shouting at a busy intersection in Los Angeles waving a gun: They’re all trying to kill me!

A year later he got into trouble again because he had beaten another man in a nightclub.

When he fainted in 1999, he was in 100 degrees heat. When they found him, the paramedics noticed that he was wearing several layers of heavy clothing. He almost died of a heat stroke.

Lawrence’s press officer accused these incidents of exhaustion and stress.


Martin has been married twice and has three children. He was married to Patricia Southall, former Miss Virginia. They had a daughter named Jasmine Page.

He then married Shamika Gibbs, with whom he had two other daughters, Liana and Amar. Gibbs then appeared on the reality show Hollywood Exes, in which she praised Lawrence as a father and husband.

Current status

Lawrence and Will Smith have announced that they will star in the final part of the of Bad Boys andof Bad Boys for Life franchise.

The first Bad Boysled by Michael Bay was opened in 1995. The bad guys 2 followed in 2003. The two films together raised more than $400 million worldwide.
In an interview Smith and Lawrence said they were happy to work together again after 15 years.

Favourite Quotes from Martin Lawrence

We leave together, we die together. Bad boys for life. – Bad guys

White parents take advantage of this free time. My mom used a different kind of time-out. She would have said: Take your time picking up your teeth here.

Boxing took me off the street, gave me something to do. He gave me the face of my father sitting next to me in the car. She just rehearsed what my mother was trying to teach me to concentrate and get my life in order.

Martin Lawrence’s Tips for Success

I always try to approach things, to be professional, to be good at what I do and to convey character. Hollywood, what more can I ask? You want an excellent professional.

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