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Manny Mua Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $1,100,000
Name and surname Manuel Gutierrez
Date of birth/century 4. April 1991 (28 years old)
Height 6’0”
source of income YouTuber, make-up artist, beauty expert.
Country of origin UNITED STATES.
Country / city of origin San Diego, California
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Manny Mua’s net worth is $1.1 million. Its net value on YouTube alone is $438,000. However, Manny not only earns money with YouTube, but also with the sale of various brands.

Elizabeth Arden’s review of the moss fund generated 6 million hits and earned a blogger about $12,095.

Manny Mua is a blogger who writes reviews about beauty products and educational videos. The reason Manny started making videos on YouTube is that some of his 4 million Instagram fans wanted to know how he does his makeup, so he started making videos to show them.

Manny has managed to attract more than 3.4 million YouTube subscribers with his videos. Learn more about this sensational YouTube personality in this article, which is full of important information about Manny Mua.

How much does Manny Mua earn each year?

Manny Mua currently has more than 4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and 500 million views. Manny’s video is watched about 200,000 times a day, earning about $800 a day and about $300,000 a year from advertising alone.

How does Manny Mua earn his money?

Besides earning most of his money, Manny also makes a lot of money on YouTubeRed, where people pay a monthly subscription to view exclusive, premium, non-advertising content, and those who make videos are paid for it.

So the longer someone watches Manny’s video, the more money they make.

Manny is also compensated by sponsoring products on his social networks where he can be paid to watch beauty products, promote them in his videos or simply recommend them to his followers.

In addition to promoting other brands, Manny has recently launched its own cosmetic products.


Manny Mua started his career as a plastic surgeon, but instead created his own gold mine and made a fortune.

In 2014, it launched its YouTube channel, which promotes beauty products from well-known brands and offers make-up tips, reviews and educational materials for men.

Since then, Manny has had nearly 5 million subscribers and recently launched his own cosmetics brand.

Beginning of life

He was killed on the 4th. Born April 1991 in San Diego, California, as Manny Gutierrez, but now known as Manny Mua. Manny was the eldest of three brothers who grew up in a very religious and educated Mormon family.

When Manny came to his family, they forced him into therapy in the hope that he would be cured of this so-called disease.

After six months of unnecessary sessions, nothing changed about Manny’s sexual preferences, but they discovered that Manny suffered from severe depression.

Manny always knew he was different from his brothers and had no problem accepting that he was gay, but he was worried that his family wouldn’t accept him for who he was. In a video published in 2016 and titled My Coming Out Story, Manny explains everything.

As a child, Manny was always fascinated by the human body and its beauty. After graduating from San Diego State University, he went to kindergarten to pursue a career in plastic surgery, but then dropped out and became a sensation on YouTube instead.

Personal life

Manny currently lives in California, where he regularly organizes public events and shows to promote beauty products and demonstrate his makeup skills.

Manny had had Vitiligo since he was a child, but it didn’t cause him any problems, nobody would have noticed if he hadn’t mentioned it.

In 2016, photos of Manny and Patrick Star, who like the bride and groom is also a beauty blogger, were published, making people believe they had wedding plans, but the rumors were discovered later after Patrick announced that the photos were only the result of a collaboration they were working on.

Manny believes that makeup should not be reserved for women, but should be designed for men and therefore fight for equal rights when it comes to wearing makeup. The make-up artist also believes he is on his way to becoming the greatest male beauty and fashion guru.


Manny Mua has become a successful YouTube personality thanks to his strong makeup skills and has collected over 500 million views on YouTube.

During his successful career as a make-up artist, Manny has worked with other greats in the industry such as Patrick Starr, Jeffrey Starr and Jacklin Hill. His three little brothers even appeared in some of Manny’s videos.

His joint video with Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette – Tutorial & My Opinion, titled New Jaclyn Hill, has brought thousands of fans and views to the Vloggers.

However, it was his collaboration with Shayla Mitchell and one of the bestsellers of the cosmetics company Maybelline that took his career to a whole new level.

When Manny became Maybelline’s first male ambassador, it brought a lot of attention to him and his station.

Manny became interested in make-up from an early age because he always saw his mother decorate his face with different colours and shades that made her even more beautiful than she already was.

What really fascinated Manny was how makeup can change a person’s appearance while hiding their shortcomings.

When he was old enough, Manny started working in large cosmetics stores, including MAC and Sephora, but he wasn’t very happy because he needed more space to shine.

It was around this time that Manny met a very shy make-up artist and photographer, Patrick Simondak, the beauty star of Instagram, who pushed Manny to start his own channel on YouTube, which he did and became a great success.

Interesting facts

  • Manny didn’t wear makeup until he worked for Sephora.
  • He loves to travel in the tropics and hot places, as he even published on his Instagram photos of his elephant eaters on a trip to Bali.
  • Manny is Maybelline’s very first male brand ambassador.
  • Because Manny used the shape of the moon to promote his products, he was accused of stealing the Black Moon Cosmetics logo.
  • People magazine has included Manny in the list of the most beautiful people, Manny is also included in the list of the most popular people in the category style and art.


Manny was honored for his role as Maybelline Ambassador for People’s Watch.

As part of a religious family, Manny grew up trying to hide the fact that he was gay, but it was only after his first kiss with the boy that he realized it was the right thing for him, and that changed everything.

Favorite Quotes from Manny Mua

Sometimes people go through difficult times to get to a happy place.
-MUA Manny

I feel like makeup is part of me, but that’s not who I really am.
-MUA Manny

I’ve always been attracted to things outside this world, like the universe and the moon.
-MUA Manny

Beauty can develop as a whole, because one does not have to copy another.
-MUA Manny

Manny Mua Success Tips

  1. Every human being grows at his or her own pace, and you should not compare yourself to others.
    -MUA Manny
  2. Stay hydrated! I think this is the most important thing. Drink plenty of water and use a moisturising cream every day.
    -MUA Manny
  3. I’ve been there: I could literally hear all the names in the book that told me. So don’t despair anyone, as long as you have faith in yourself, and just keep doing what you’re doing.
    -MUA Manny
  4. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you do, your dreams and what you want to do
    -MUA Manny



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