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Lil Durk Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $3,000,000
Name and surname Dirk D. Banks
Date of birth/century 19. October 1992 (27 years old)
source of income Music, products, advertising revenue.
Height 5’11”
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country / city of origin Chicago, Illinois.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Lil Dirk’s net worth is $3,000,000.

How much does Lil Durk earn per year?

Lil Dirk makes about $500,000 a year.

How does Lil Dirk earn his money?

He earns money by selling his records, touring, supporting his products and advertising on social media. The largest edition sold more than half a million copies and earned a percentage with each download.

He also has dozens of singles and mixtapes and three studio albums that earn him money every time he downloads them or sends them to Spotify or Pandora.

It has over 1.5 million followers on YouTube and 4.5 million on Instagram. It earns advertising revenue for all advertisements placed on its social networks.

It also receives a fee for each service and for the goods sold. Like many celebrities, he has product support offers. He signed a contract with Beats, Dre, Ethics and Luke Beller, to name but a few.


Lil Durk is known for his many mixtapes and singles in the hip-hop fall and boring genre. He often works with his team, only with his family. Since 2011 he has made steady progress in the rankings and has received recognition.

He worked with many of his children’s idols and wrote honest songs about his restless childhood in Chicago.

He is also known for involving his children in his social networks and motivating his family goals.

Beginning of life

Lil Durk was killed on the 19th. Born October 1992 in Chicago, Illinois. His mother’s a nurse. Her father wasn’t in her life because he was in prison.

His brother Devon Warner, also known as D’tang, died in 2011 as a result of gang violence. His cousin MacArthur Swindle, also known as OTF NuNu, was murdered in 2015.

He also has three sisters, although he doesn’t belong there.

Durk went to Paul Robson High School in Chicago with another musician named Dex. They lost contact, but became friends again after they both continued their musical careers.

Personal life

Shortly after the release of the first two mixtapes, Lil Dark was arrested and put in jail. This did not prevent him from pursuing a musical career, but rather led to success for his family.

Lil Dirk has six children. The two eldest, Angelo and Bella, belong to his ex-girlfriend Nicole Cowona. His next three children are Zoiden, Dumeier and Skyler.

He had a love affair with Dej Loaf, a singer from Detroit. In 2018 he got engaged to India Royal, with whom he already has a sixth child – Willow.

At the beginning of his career he founded a music group called Family Only. He likes to collect cars and owns Ferraris, Bentleys and Porsches. He owns a $22 million mansion in Hollywood, California.


Lil Durk started studying music in 2011 at the age of 19. It has become popular on YouTube and MySpace. In 2011 he released his first two mixtapes with the tracks I’m a Hitta and Sneak Dissin’.

After his third mixingtape Life Ain’t No Joke and some singles he attracted a lot of attention. He was signed with Def Jam Records and then released his fourth and fifth mixtape in 2014.

In 2015 he released his debut album Remember My Name, which reached number 14 in the charts. His next album, Lil Durk 2x, contained songs with Yo Gotti and Ty Dolla Sign, but was not as successful as the first album.

Between 2015 and 2018 he released several mixtapes and over a dozen singles with guest singers such as Mick Mill, London on da Track and Jeremy.

Lil Dark’s net assets reached $3,000,000 in 2019.

In 2018 he left Def Jam Records and released his twelfth mix tape himself. He then signed a contract with Interscope and released his third studio album Signed to the Streets 3.

Interesting facts

He has released 12 solo singles and over 30 with or in collaboration with other artists.

His next album is a collaboration with DY.

He was involved in a conflict with several other musicians, including The Game and Chief Keef, which resulted in several propositions between them. Lil Durk always tries to make peace in the end, for the greater good.


He was nominated in the Rookie Class of XXL 2014.

His single My Beyonce became gold in 2017 with more than 500,000 copies sold.

Favourite Quotes from Lil Durk

Some people look at me like it’s all about violence. But when you hear the album: Oh, that’s why he’s here. Is he experiencing this or that? I want to paint a picture that people can’t see. They don’t know what we’re going through right now. We were young, we didn’t know what was going on, we were just having fun and we didn’t know we were going to ruin society. We don’t understand.

Whatever you do when you buy food from someone, take them to a job interview. You never know how to save a life or help someone. It could be the smallest things.

Lil Durk Success Tips

  1. Keep working. Stay busy. There should be motivation instead of standstill, because standstill is like depression. This is not so. There must be a real motivation to continue.
  2. After all, I’m a good guy, you know what I mean? Many people will believe what they have seen in the media for a long time. I grow only as an artist and as a human being
  3. If I took all this criticism, I probably wouldn’t even be here because I was trying to talk like someone else.



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