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Lance Stewart Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $2,000,000
Name and surname Lance Stewart
Date of birth/century 20. June 1996. (age: 22 years)
source of income Protocols, Youtube
Height 5’7”
Country of origin UNITED STATES.
Country / city of origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Lance Stewart’s net worth is $2 million.

How did Lance Stewart make his money?

Lance Stewart is one of the world’s most successful lumberjacks and winemakers. Most of Lances’ income comes from advertising and support on YouTube videos.

Stuart has a huge fan base on social networks, with millions of fans on his YouTube channel alone.

Vouchers First

Stuart’s appeal lies in a combination of talent and personality. He has a gift for making funny scenes from his daily life.

This is combined with a friendly and ingrained way that seems to be his natural personality. His friends describe him as a very nice person who likes to share his life with others.

Stuart often says he is grateful to his parents, sister and other family members for their constant love and support.

It is also known that he buys food for the homeless and organizes other charity events.

Beginning of life

Stuart was born in Philadelphia, son of Bruce and Nina Stuart. He grew up in Frankville, New Jersey. He graduated from Delcy Regional High School.


Stuart is very close to his family. He regularly shows family members in his videos and has created an admirer for his grandmother, known through his own social networks as grandmother-grandmother. His sister Sabrina Stewart is a social media star and a singer. In 2017 she released her first single on YouTube and iTunes.

From 2013 to 2018 Stuart met his blog colleague Elizabeth Wurst. Wurst is also a YouTube star with over a million YouTube subscribers and 1.7 million Instagram fans.


Fast start to success

Lance’s sister introduced him to Vine as a child and he started making short videos about him to kill time. Soon he got hundreds of hits for his funny and strange videos.

In 2014 he had so many videos that he was able to create his own channel on YouTube in addition to his wine video. Since its launch four months ago, the channel has more than 30,000 subscribers.

He hit him hard with one of his most famous videos,It’s My Money and I Need It Now, which received more than 900,000 copies and has been re-recorded more than 800,000 times.

Smart Trains

Vine was a popular video site that looked like YouTube. While he was on the site, Stuart took smart steps, including creating a channel on YouTube and sending his followers to Vine so they could see him there too.

When Vine closed, Stuart was able to direct his fans to a new website where he was already present and had a lot of video content.

Other Vine Vloggers just lost their audience when the platform was closed and had to start all over again to build a fan base. Many of them have never been able to get as many followers as before.

The second thing Stuart did was help his sister and friends promote their websites, which resulted in a group of successful bloggers who knew each other and helped each other build an audience. Some of these bloggers worked together to create even more fans.

Constant force

After that, Stuart was unstoppable. It currently has 6 million subscribers to Vine, more than 1 million subscribers to its main YouTube channel, 3 million Instagram fans and more than 700,000 subscribers to its second YouTube channel.

His most popular video, We Shot a Porn Video,, has been watched more than 20 million times.

Current status

Lance Stewart’s net worth has now risen to $2,000,000.

Today Stuart supports two of his YouTube channels. The most important is LanceStewart, where he gives substance to his daily life, his frequent travels and the various projects he tries to realize with his friends.

Stuart also has an online store where he sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and other Lance210 products.

Click-byte control unit

Stuart has been criticized by other bloggers for using misleading names and drawings. A common example is the use of pornographic titles and sketches, even though YouTube does not allow pornographic content and the videos are not pornographic.

It was fired because it attracted viewers with titles and sketches that had nothing to do with the content of the video.

He’s tweeted a lot about it. Some YouTubers boys even made him king of decoys for this tactic.

However, it seems that many Stuart fans do not object to the use of this tactic, because he still receives messages.

Favourite Quotes from Lance Stewart

I’m constantly training my brain to see positive in everything! The more positive you deal with situations, the more positive the results in your life. Love each other. Be happy. Set your goals.

Tips for success by Lance Stewart

Life is a mind game, you create your reality. Tell yourself what you’re going to do in your life and start

I worked for six years before I received good recognition for my videos and the content I published. The fact that nothing happens in the first or second year does not mean that you have to quit. Make your dreams come true, no matter what time of day.



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