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Joseline Hernandez Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $400,000
Name and surname Joséline Hernandez
Date of birth/century 3. November 1986.
33 years old.
source of income TV personality, rapper, actress.
Height 5’5
Country of origin Puerto Rico
Country / city of origin Ponce
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

The net assets of Joséline Hernandez are $400,000.

How does Joséline Hernandez earn money?

Jocelyn makes a lot of money on the road. She makes about $20,000 a show. His salary is for love and hip-hop: The Atlanta Reality Show originally raised $50,000.

In the second season, the amount eventually rose to $150,000. At the end of 2013, his salary was raised again to $155,000. One year later, their salary rose to $204,000 and then to $235,000 by 2015.

Reports indicate that by the time Jocelyn left the show in 2017, she had already received up to $400,000 a season.

Rumor has it that Jocelyn is the highest paid person in love and hip-hop: The occupation of Atlanta. The show takes place at different locations, but, as they say, Atlanta is the highest rated show. The site is also the highest ranked in the franchise. Each episode has about 3.5 million viewers.

Besides love and hip-hop: Atlanta Jocelyn has also participated in several other shows, all of which have contributed to the current wealth. She also made money with the songs she published.

One of their songs, Hate Me Now, wasn’t a fan, but it was ranked ninth in the Top 100 of HotNewHipHop.


Jocelyn Hernandez is an American reality show host, actress and rapper. She started out as a dancer in the nightclubs of Miami and Atlanta, but the right connection helped her to catapult herself to the glory she had always dreamed of.

She has found a way to pursue her goals as she pursues a successful career and shows her amazing life to millions of her followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Beginning of life

Joseline Hernandez is popularly known as the princess of Puerto Rico. She was born on the 3rd. Born in November 1986, he grew up in the public housing sector in Ponce, Puerto Rico. A 1.5 foot 5 inch rapper lost her father to a heroin overdose when she was a kid.

When she was 6 years old, her family moved to Florida. She is one of six children, she has Janir’s older sister and she has four brothers: Jorge, Hisael, Kermit and Luis Jr. His mother Carmen and his stepfather Luis sen. fought to take care of the whole family.

Jocelyn was a difficult woman to grow up with. Her younger brother was diagnosed with autism and had special needs. With the family already in trouble, Jocelyn knew she had to do something to keep them up.

At sixteen she undresses and dances in nightclubs. When she danced at the Diamond Cabaret in Miami, her name was Shenyllyka Bettencourt.

Personal life

Jocelyn and the popular record producer Stevie J. were definitely involved. In 2013 there were even rumors of a wedding. Those rumors were a ruse to get attention.

Stevie Jay has personally admitted to spreading false news in 2016. Jocelyn finally admitted that they’d been together a long time, but they weren’t married.

When the couple finally broke up, the drama was caught in the fifth season of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta. They then became a couple, and Jocelyn announced that she was pregnant with Stevie’s sixth child at her fifth meeting.

In December 2016, a few days before the New Year, Jocelyn welcomed little Bonnie Bell.

Today there are rumors that Jocelyn is working with a music producer in South Florida, but so far there are no details or evidence. So far the only pictures that have turned up are with her and her beautiful daughter.


Jocelyn started her professional career at the age of sixteen when she undressed at the Onyx Club in Atlanta. When she met the famous producer Stevie Jay, she got the support she needed. He immediately took his love and hip-hop cast: Atlanta.

Originally, when the 2012 season was aired, she was his new artist, an aspiring singer, rapper and actress.

Eventually it turned out that they were actively involved. This news then worried Stevie Jay’s girlfriend, Mimi Faust. The love triangle between the three ended with a show.

Jocelyn continued to appear in the series for about six seasons, but the differences between her, the maker of the series, and the producers of the series forced her to withdraw heavily during the shooting of the sixth season of the reunion.

Love and hip-hop: Atlanta seems to have given Joséline Hernandez the impulse she needed to become famous. In the same year she started participating in award winning exhibitions such as the AVN Awards 2013 and the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Currently, the net worth of Joséline Hernandez has reached $400,000.

It has also participated in the BET 2015 Awards. She kept the guest stains on K. Michelle: My life is Hot 97, the home of hip-hop and the Wendy Williams Show. She has also been seen in several hip-hop and R&B videos with Stevie.

Jocelyn was also the star of Stevie Jay and Jocelyn: Come on, Hollywood in 2016. The following year she got her own special Jocelyn delivery. The program was broadcast on VH1 in May 2017 and was a documentary about her pregnancy and birth.

She starred in the Star series and was also a guest presenter at the Real talk show. It was reported that Jocelyn was creating another reality show called Jocelyn takes Miami with producer Carlos King.

In fact, Jocelyn hasn’t forgotten her passion for rap when it comes to television. Their published songs are Church, Gold, Stingy with My Kutty Katt, Slay, Mi Cualto and Spanish Rockstar.

In 2017 she published Run Me My Money, which is considered Scott-Young’s thesis. A month later, the Hate Me trail was abandoned. They say this song is a thesis on Cardy B.

Interesting facts

Fans love not only Jocelyn’s spicy nature, but also her curved body. He weighs about 134.4 pounds. His size includes a 36-inch bust, a 28-inch waist and a 39-inch hip joint. She confessed that she had worked a little to improve her performance.

Favorite Quotes from Joséline Hernandez

I’m very stingy with my cat.

You’d better pretend you know, damn it!

Say hello when you first enter the room. Be polite. Sit down, please.



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