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Joey Diaz Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $800,000
Name and surname José Antonio Díaz
EVERYTHING ASSISTANCE Coco, Joey Karate, Uncle Joey.
Date of birth/century 19. February 1963 (56 years old)
Height 5’10’’
source of income Comedians, actors, podcasters.
Country of origin Cuba
Country / city of origin Havana
Last update 2019

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Joey Diaz’s net worth is $800,000.

How much does Joey Diaz earn in a year?

Joey Diaz is a very talented actor and comedian. He hasn’t got the lead in the show yet, so the money he earns varies depending on the concerts he books. Usually Joey makes about $200,000 a year.

How does Joey Diaz make his money?

Joey makes most of his money as an actor or comedian.


Joey Diaz is a comedian and star of television and film, known for his quick humour and his ability to adapt to any role. He had a difficult upbringing, but he used it as a motivation to achieve great success. He overcame his mother’s passion for gambling and his own cocaine addiction to become a big star. Joey Diaz is known in the comedy world as a great talent.

Beginning of life

Joey Diaz was killed on the 19th. Born February 1963 in Havana, Cuba. His father died when Joey was only 3 years old. At the age of seven, his family moved to North Bergen, New Jersey. He was raised by a Catholic.

While Joey was at McKinley High, his mother ran a bar and a number game. Joey went to North Bergen High School, where he graduated in 1982.

He has received awards for the school’s performing arts, which is quite incredible considering that he found his mother dead on the bathroom floor at home at the age of 16.

He was abducted by several families in the area, but it was a traumatic time for him, so he started using drugs and engaging in crime.

To start over, he left New Jersey for Colorado College to study economics at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He later described this period as the worst in his life and stated that he was heavily addicted to cocaine.

Personal life

Joey moved to Colorado for college in 1982. He was going to be an engineer at the University of Colorado. However, two years after settling in Colorado, he became homesick and returned to New Jersey for his birthday.

In the end, he stayed for a year and a half. Joey describes this year and a half as the worst of his life and one of the things he regrets the most because he started using cocaine on his way home.

In 1985 he left New Jersey, ready to begin a new chapter in his life. He went back to school in Colorado. However, he soon decided that education was not for him. He started working as a roofer.

Unfortunately he was arrested during this period for kidnapping and aggravated robbery. But at that moment he recognized his talent as an actor. Joey took orders for his cell mates. Eventually this led to his performance when he was fired.

Joey’s been married twice. He and his first wife had a daughter, but when they divorced in 1991, his relationship with his ex-wife and daughter ended. It was very sad.

His cocaine use has ruined many relationships. In 2007 he completely stopped using cocaine after one of his cats accidentally used drugs at home and died. His relationship has improved since then.

In 2009 he married his second wife, Terry Clarke. You also have a daughter.


Joey thought working in comedy was a last resort. He didn’t think he was gonna make any money with it. In 1988 he signed up for $37 for a fantastic comedy class that helped him develop his first routine. Before that, he worked as a bouncer at the Whits End bar.

In 1991 Joey first appeared on a comedy stage in Denver. It was open for the Matt Woods Show.

By developing his talent as an actor, he took part in the Beck amateur comedy competition and won it. He won several other matches, and eventually had a disagreement with comedy director Wenda Curtis.

In 1995 Joey moved to California with the goal of being so successful that his daughter would be proud. In 1998 Joey was chosen to play on the CBS comedy show after an agent saw his performance live.

Joey Diaz’s net worth has now reached $800,000.

The show never aired, but it forced Joey to hire enough executives from the television and film industry to start his career. He did shows like Law & Order, I’m Earl and Soprano.

He has also played in numerous films, including Spider-Man 2, Taxi and The Longest Courtyard.
2009 Joey and Felicia Michaels produced a series of podcasts entitled Beauty and Yes the Beast.

Then in 2012 he launched his own podcast, called The Church of What Happens Now.

Interesting facts

  • Joey’s mom had a successful numbers game, so Joey always thought about becoming a bookie. He was discouraged from a career by friends who told him to live honestly.
  • Joey wanted to study economics at the University of Colorado in Boulder, but his academic career was interrupted by drug use.
  • He was arrested for kidnapping and robbery while living in Colorado. In prison he discovered he was funny and started doing stand-ups for other prisoners. This is the beginning of his career in comedy.
  • A frequent guest of Joe Rogan Experiences.


  • Joey never wanted to be an actor, but thanks to the speed of prison, he found his talent.
  • He had a very difficult upbringing, he missed both his parents.
  • Joey’s first performance was at the Comedy Factory in Denver. He opened for the comedian Matt Woods’ show.
  • Joey used his broken relationship with his daughter and first wife as a motivation for a successful career in Los Angeles. He moved there in 1995 to make his daughter proud.
  • Joey’s been in hundreds of TV shows and movies. He’s never had a leading role, but he’s famous.
  • Joey is negotiating with Animal Planet to make a TV show around his cat.

Favourite Quotes from Joey Diaz

I’m not rich, but I got lucky. I can do whatever I want. It’s not easy in this country.

If I see an audition for a show or a movie, I’ll send you a tape. I’m attacking him. I always order a comedy, so no matter what, I always get it. I’m still doing my job.

I’m Latino. I’m Catholic. I believe in God. I believe in karma.

I lived in my car in Hollywood for a year and then it was towed away. My, uh… The apartment’s been towed. Like, uh… does this happen?

I’m a stand-up comedian, but I also have ideas and I want to bring them out. People think it’s the only way to sit in front of a microphone. You have to try different situations.

Joey Diaz’s Tips for Success

1. Not in the box. The fact that you were born or work in a certain way does not mean that you can only do what people like you do. You have unlimited talents, just touch them and believe in yourself

2. I know some people have reached a place where they are unlucky. Do not compare. Comparison – joy thief.

3. Never be angry with money, whether you have it or struggle with it day in and day out. Be satisfied with where you are. There will always be someone who has more than you

4. If you need anything, go to him with everything that’s inside you. Fight for what you want No one can stop you from realizing your dreams, except yourself.



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