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Joel Schiffman Net Worth 2020 Sources of income, wages and more

Net value $19,000,000
Name and surname Joel Schiffman
Date of birth/century 21. March 1958 (Age: 61 years)
source of income Funder and director
Height 5’9”
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Joel Schiffman’s net worth is $19 million.

How did Joel Schiffman earn his money?

He is a financier, investment director and vice-chairman of the financial services provider Janus Capital Group.

Prior to joining the Janus Group in 2015, he worked for Columbia Threadneedle Investments as Senior Director of Public Relations.

Schiffman has spent his entire career in finance and investment. His work has taken him to positions in California and other states.

He lives in New York now. He owes his high income and wealth to his prestigious diplomas and a career that has continued to grow.


Schiffman went to UCLA. He graduated in 1981 with a degree in economics. He also played on the university rugby team.

He then went to the University of Pennsylvania, where he obtained a master’s degree in finance.

He also holds a highly regarded certificate in Investment Management Analysis (CIMA) from the University’s Wharton Business School.

He started working in the financial sector shortly after graduating from Wharton University in 1987. He has worked with several companies, including Trail Ridge Capital LLC, Reed Connor and Birdwell.

He was also head of public relations at Columbia Management National Accounts in New York and eventually became vice president and director of the Janus Capital Group.

In addition to his responsibilities, he currently heads the Defined Contribution and Insurance Sales department at Schroder Investment Management.

Mr. Schiffman’s work requires him to establish and maintain relationships with key insurance partners. This includes developing and implementing investment and sales strategies to help our partners achieve their sales targets and to support investors in their retirement.

It is clear that Schiffman operates at a very high level of financial management and is confronted with huge investments and very profitable customers.

His work requires a high level of public trust, and this probably explains why he did not talk about his personal life.

There have been no scandals or contradictions left.

Beginning of life

Little is known about Schiffman’s early career or his personal life. He didn’t talk about his life in public. Schiffman wasn’t a public figure before he went out with Hoda Cobt.

Kotb is a very popular TV presenter and newsreader. She became famous when she was chosen to houseToday.

Besides the morning show, she is host of the fourth hour with her old friend and host Kathy Lee Gifford. Kotb is a popular television personality.

In 2010 she won the Emmy Day Award. She occasionally works as a correspondent for the documentary film programme NBCDateline.

Partner search and start-up

Schiffman and Cobt have been together since 2013. During the first years of their relationship, they both kept them secret and reserved.

On his morning show, Cobt just called him Boots. The relationship became public when one of the British tabloids published photographs of those who lay together.

At that time, Cobt and Schiffman decided to confess and report on their relationship.

How they complied with

In an interview in 2015, Cobt explains that they met during a signing session for their latest book.

It was one of those events where we had to talk, and it was raining cats and dogs and a bunch of Wall Street people. I didn’t even want to go, Cobt.

They asked me to sign some books, and one man did: Can you sign this for my grandma? And this guy came up and said: I’ll get a book.

And who should I write it to, your girlfriend, your wife, your aunt? And there he is: Write to me.

Shortly after this first meeting they started to meet and soon became inseparable. They bought an apartment in New York together in 2018.

Schiffman was always discreet in sharing his personal information, but Hobt often spoke for both.

She says they have fun and they don’t rush to get married. Both have experienced this before and they just want to enjoy their time with their new family.

Your current status

Schiffman has a daughter named Kyle from his previous marriage. Kyle has repeatedly stated that she is very happy for her father and that she supports his relationship.

She called his girlfriend incredible.

An article inCloser Weeklysaid that Schiffman wanted to get married. According to one of the sources quoted in the article, he considers this to be a natural evolution.

Joel Schiffman’s net worth has now risen to $19,000,000.

But Hoda sees her at her age, she is 54, and Joel 61, so they can spend their days in peace without ever getting involved.

In the Evening ShadowWatching what happens in real timeKotb confirmed this view. She expressed the hope that they could stay happy together and confirmed that,

I love Joel. I’ll stay with Joel till my last breath, I know that.

Adopted children

Schiffman and Cobt adopted two girls. They adopted Katherine Hope in 2017. In 2018, they adopted a new daughter, Haley Joy.

Cobt can’t have children because she was diagnosed with cancer when she was younger. Schiffman’s name is foster father of both girls.

Favourite Quotes from Joel Schiffman

It is not known that Mr Schiffman communicates with the press or gives interviews. His only public statements were about his relationship with Hoda Cobt. It seems to be the only part of his personal life he wants to share.

Tips for success by Joel Schiffman

  1. Schiffman did not share his personal advice, but we can gather some insights from his own life. It is clear that from the outset he has focused on his future career and has steered his training in that direction.
  2. He studied at one of the best business schools and started working in the field where he built up his long and impressive career. Your success is the result of hard work, determination and many years of hard work.




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