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Jay-Z’s father, Adnis Reeves, has abandoned him and his family who died in 2003.

Jay-Z’s father, Adnis Reeves, has abandoned him and his family who died in 2003.


The net value of YouTuber Taylor Caniffis estimated at $2.3 million. Caniff has made a huge fortune through his career, his efforts and his appearance on the reality show Chase Cameron.

Kaniff’s popularity is largely due to the Vine social app, which is no longer functional. After Grape Vine closed down, Taylor went to other social networking sites and made a name for himself. It has more than 3 million and 2.88 million subscribers to Instagram and Twitter respectively.

Moreover, multimillionaire Taylor Caniff is single and needs a woman for love. Well, ladies, here’s your chance.

Taylor Caniff net assets and profit

The net worth of Taylor Caniff’s vineyard is estimated at $2.3 million. After the end of the harvest Taylor Caniff joined the boys from MAGCON . MAGCON is a group of Viennese boys who travel from city to city to meet thousands of their fans. Some other members of MAGCON : Cameron Dallas, Matt Espinosa, Nash Greer, Sean Mendezand others

Jay-Z’s father, Adnis Reeves, has abandoned him and his family who died in 2003.

Tickets cost between $20 and $175, and since they have played many shows, the boys must have made a lot of money. According to Taylor’s description on YouTube, he’s co-owner of MAGCON, so he must have a pretty good amount of money. Even if Taylor Caniff is known in other social networks, he’s a bad fighter like YouTuber. It has only had more than 400,000 subscribers and its channel does not generate much revenue.

Cars and house

When it comes to bragging, Taylor goes on. If you follow him on his social networks, you’ll see how much he wants to show off his cars. Looks like Taylor Caniff owns more than one luxury car. He owns a green Aston Martin Vantage with a recommended retail price of $186,195. He likes to call his journey a green turtle.

Fine green paint… Peanut butter inside… hahaha Song Powerglide @ RaeSremmurd ft @therealjuicyj

– Taylor Caniff (@taylorcaniff) 16. March 2018

Caniff, 22, also has an orange Range Rover. Range Rove has an EIA of $88,860. He lives in Hidden Hills and has a nice house there. And when you see how he always thanks his fans and all that, you feel like he’s a man of the world.

Equity Taylor Caniff from 2016 to 2018

Despite the downfall of Vine, the fame and popularity that Taylor gained through this helped him to concentrate and since then the fortune has grown.

Year Net value
2019 Researched
2018 $2.3 million.
2017 $2 million
2016 $1.5 million.

In 2016, the net asset value of Taylor Caniff was estimated at $1.5 million. And now, with an increase of 53.33%, Taylor Caniff’s net capital is estimated at 2.3 million in 2018.



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