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Erika Arias, who works for FOX 61, shares three children with her husband, Paul Arias.

Erika Arias, who works for FOX 61, shares three children with her husband, Paul Arias.

Ellen Rucker Roots is known as the co-founder of hair treatment Rucker Roots. She’s also a doctor of manual therapy. In addition to her professional work, she is gaining popularity in the media as an important wife. Ellen is the beloved wife of the American lawyer, politician and political commentator, Bakari Sellers.

Ellen was born into a family of Dr. Black American. Douglas Rucker (father) and Ruby Rucker (mother) in the family Lancaster, South Carolina, USA. Ruby’s father is a dentist by profession and her mother was a teacher in her hometown. She grew up with her family of brothers and sisters, including her sister Ruby Rucker, Lone Margaretand Ione Rucker.

Smoker also went to School in Lancaster, , and then went to University in North Carolina, : Chapel Hill, where she graduated as a chiropractor.

Marital life Ellen and Bakary

As co-owner of Rucker Roots, Ellen leads a happy family life with her famous husband, the American politician Bakary Sellers. Bakary and Ellen take their vows in the church on . August 29, 2015, The wedding ceremony was beautiful for the most beloved guests.

Erika Arias, who works for FOX 61, shares three children with her husband, Paul Arias.

Ellen Rucker, with her beloved husband, Bakary Sellers.
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The couple met for the first time at a wedding ceremony in Cancun, Mexico. When they met, they started dating and meeting seven years before they took office. Since 2019, the famous couple has been celebrating the 4th anniversary of the company’s foundation together. anniversary of the year. They are also considered one of the most powerful couples in all media.

Happy parents

Not only a happy couple, but also the beloved and proud parents of three charming children. Ellen shares her twin with Bakary and another of her former relationships. Twin children,StockleyandSadie Sellers,becameon January 8, 2019,Born in and after 201911 months.

Erika Arias, who works for FOX 61, shares three children with her husband, Paul Arias.

Ellen Rucker with her husband, Bakary, daughter, Kai (left), son, Stockley, and her other daughter, Sadie.
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Bakary’s baby, Sadie, is in critical condition because she had a liver transplant three months ago. Now her treatment continues and she lives safely and happily with her parents. You can see them in the many messages their parents update on their official social media sites.

Not only Sadie and Stockley, but also Bakary raised her daughter-in-law, Kai Carter, , who was born on1. June 2005 in , due to a previous relationship with your wife. From now on Kai lives happily with his stepfather and his beloved mother. Bakary loves her, too, and he treats Carter like his own daughter. Carter was also in the custody of her mother and stepfather since she was 3 years old at the age of…

So who’s Ellen’s ex-husband?

As I said, Ellen was a married woman before she made a pact with a politician, Bakari. Previously she had a relationship with professional basketball player Vince Carter. Carter and Rucker were college sweethearts who had a relationship since college.

Erika Arias, who works for FOX 61, shares three children with her husband, Paul Arias.

Ella Rucker and his ex-wife Vince Carter.

The couple was over a year old and started the race on the third day. July 2004to Palms Beach, Florida, to have made their wedding vows. The couple live happily and enjoy their relationship; they also share their child Kaya. Things were going well until the lack of time began to affect their relationship and they finally divorced in 2006.

Shareholders’ equity

Ellen Rucker is a professional chiropractor. Ellen’s net asset value in 2019 is estimated at approximately $ $2 million . From there she receives an impressive amount of wealth and lives luxuriously and happily with her husband, children and parents. As co-founder of the hair care brand Rucker Roots, Ellen is not only well paid but also very famous.

Ellen and her sister officially launched the hair care brand in 2015. Since 2019, Rucker Roots’ new hair care line has been working well and receiving good feedback from his customers. One of Rucker Roots products, the size , humidifier is sold in America for $ $38.95 .

Interview with an observant nurse

In addition, Ellen is an actress who played her role in the African-American television series Love Thy Sisters, , which also became another source of income for Ellen. In addition, the creator of the Datari Turnerseries .

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