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EMCC Head Coach, Buddy Stephens Maritial Life With Wife and Children

EMCC Head Coach, Buddy Stephens Maritial Life With Wife and Children

Strong determination and self-confidence are necessary qualities for a person. Thanks to these functions, failure will be quiet and success will increase. Today we are talking about the same personBrian Noel Flores, who has enough remarkable personalities and achievements just because of his strong will.

The American model Brian Noel Flores is known in Playboy magazine as 2013 Playmate of the Year . Brian is also a Miss Teenage Nation of 2008 and was also named Miss California Teenage Nation of in 2010. The model has made agreements with many fashion brands and companies.

Brian is also a businessman, the founder of the iconic beauty wine, a brand that helps inspire women and enable them to realize their dreams. In addition, the co-founders of the brand are Meraiah Danielle and Nora Agisela.

Supermodel was born on the 21st. Born in July 1991 in Los Banos, California, United States, in the Flores family. As a child, Brianna suffered from a serious, life-threatening blood disorder. Fortunately, Brianna was able to fight the problems successfully thanks to her strong will. In addition, successful women happily marry Rob Dirdek.

Rob nominated Brian at Disneyland

29 years old, model Brian met 46 years old, American entrepreneur, actor Rob for the first time in 2013 , shortly after he was named Playmate of the Year by Playboy magazine. After the first meeting they started a love affair and started a happy life as the perfect couple.

EMCC Head Coach, Buddy Stephens Maritial Life With Wife and Children

Brianna Noel Flores showed a wedding ring.
Source: Instagram @ briyanadyrdek

After a relationship of two months, the famous couple got engaged on January 25th. April 2015 happy. Their engagement was nothing less than a fairy tale that fortunately came true during the show on stage Aladdin at Disneyland.

The offer came as a complete surprise to Brianna. Rob chooses a large diamond ring to ask her to marry him. Not only that, but also the fact that he shares the photo with the inscription of his bride’s wedding ring, There is no better way to party than to enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Caribbean islands.

Brianna and Rob plan the wedding

After five months of deployment, Brian and Rob announced the 20th. September 2015, , in front of her family and many celebrities, she took her marriage vows . The couple married with generosity and happiness. Since 2020 they celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary with great pleasure.

EMCC Head Coach, Buddy Stephens Maritial Life With Wife and Children

Brianna Noel Flores and Rob Dirdek on their big day
Source: Instagram @ briyanadyrdek

One big day the bride decides to wear a white sleeveless V-shaped wedding dress with a long veil. On her wedding day she also wore diamond earrings and a bouquet of white flowers. Just like the groom in his gray tuxedo looked boisterous.

Although there is a difference of 17 years between the married duets, they live in a fun way without being involved in rumors about their extramarital relationships and judicial separation. A couple even gets enough fame as a big couple. They also raise their children with joy.

Parents of two cute children

Since 2020, the couple are the happy parents of two charming children. The 9th. In September 2016 they welcomed their first child, their son Coda Das Dirdek, who is currently four years old.
The couple also welcomed their second child, daughter, Nala Ryan Dirdeck, to on 29. December 2017. She is currently 2 years old,.

EMCC Head Coach, Buddy Stephens Maritial Life With Wife and Children

Two charming children Briana Noel Flores
Source: Instagram @ briyanadyrdek

Two beautiful children live a rich and happy life with their beloved and famous parents. Even as children of celebrities, they get enough fame. In addition, children also participate in many messages that are updated by their parents on their official Instagram account.

Net value: 3 million

Model and businesswoman Brian Noel Flores has a net value of 3 million that she has collected over the course of her career. Another American model Natalia Rivera has a net value of $1 million . As a successful role model, Brianna has raised a huge amount of money and lives generously with her family.

EMCC Head Coach, Buddy Stephens Maritial Life With Wife and Children

American model Brian Noel Flores.
Source: Instagram @ briyanadyrdek

Not only a role model, but also an entrepreneur who currently works as chairman of Iconic Beauty . It is also the place where she deserves her impressive wealth. She is also an Instagram star, with over .672 thousand (@bryianadyrdek) followers on her official Instagram account.

Noel Flores, like her husband, has net assets of $50 million . The 5 foot 6 inch Rob has played in practice as Rob & Big and Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory. He earned this decent amount for his professional activities as an actor, entrepreneur and former Guinness world record holder in skateboarding.

House with $6 million

Former reality TV star Rob bought villa for $6 million in Mulholland Estates, Los Angeles, California. The house was rebuilt and belonged for a long time to the former music director of OA9, Howard Kaufmann.

Video: Inside view of the Dirdek house!

The structure 6,755 square meters is based on an authentic Mediterranean villa with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, swimming pools and many other luxury accessories.

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