Dylan Sigley Net Worth | Review Of Dylan Finances

Dylan Sigley Net Worth | Review Of Dylan Finances


Dylan Sigley is an up and coming entrepreneur coach. His social media accounts currently have thousands of followers and growing fast. These seem to be built upon pretty intensive advertising for a free training that leads disciples on to a paid course. Dylan’s claim to fame seems to be the development of a business model called Drop Servicing. He teaches it through a paid course called the Drop Servicing Blueprint by Dylan Sigley.

A quick look at any of Dylan Sigley’s content will show you he focuses on teaching drop servicing using the strategies and tactics developed in his businesses. However, at this stage, much of his financial success surely stems from the selling of these drop servicing strategies rather than the implementation of them.
So, how much is Dylan Sigley worth?

As of October 2020, his net worth is roughly 1 million dollars. How much of this, however, comes from his drop servicing business and how much is through selling his social media and the Drop Servicing Blueprint?

Who Is Dylan Sigley?

Dylan Sigley Net Worth | Review Of Dylan Finances

Dylan grew up in a small town in New Zealand before going on to study at university in Wellington. After graduating he was in $60,000 of debt and underemployed. He also felt frustrated with having to go down the corporate path.

This led Dylan Sigley to jump into the world of online business where he paid $5000 for his first online course. He built his first business while working in a call centre. Then, he quit his job to move in with his mom while he was finishing building the business.

As he discusses, it was certainly not easy for Dylan and he made many mistakes in the beginning. Looking through his marketing materials, he shows screenshots that he got his first few sales 3 months into his business and a few months later was making 6-figures working a few hours per week.

Dylan Sigley preaches that once he discovered drop servicing, he was able to quickly build his business, get success, automate it, and then begin travelling the world. In his free content, he gets into the automation side of things a lot. As an agency owner myself, all of this seems pretty plausible.

This seems pretty easily achievable, considering it was 5 years ago. Clearly, if you check out Dylan Sigley’s Instagram account back then, he was travelling the world. It’s pretty easy to take screenshots from his various businesses posted at different times to match up this part of his story.

Why did he decide to create a course?

While travelling the world, Dylan Sigley naturally met a lot of people who saw what he was doing and asked him to help them achieve the same thing. He began coaching others as a friend and through word of mouth this began to turn into sort of a side hustle for him. Eventually, he realized that by documenting his knowledge, it would be much easier for him to teach a lot more people. This is how the Drop Servicing Blueprint was born.

Dylan Sigley, in his words, set out to create the course he wished he had when he started. The goal was to have video training, templates, and group coaching sessions. However, he goes even further, including everything from one of his own businesses in the course itself.
This is essentially everything Dylan Sigley preaches in his marketing and social media content.

How much does Dylan Sigley make and how does he make it?

Through his various income streams, Dylan Sigley is growing his brand pretty quickly. Based on my research, his income streams are pretty common in terms of “make money online gurus”. This is what I discovered:

  • Online Education Course “Drop Servicing Blueprint by Dylan Sigley”
  • Drop Servicing businesses e.g Animated Videos, Facebook Ads etc.
  • Coaching & Consulting packages
  • AdSense from YouTube videos
  • Affiliate Marketing

Online Education Course “Drop Servicing Blueprint by Dylan Sigley”

Dylan Sigley Net Worth | Review Of Dylan Finances

In the month I was monitoring (April) we can see that their private group grew from 191 to 262 members. With the course costing $1000 on average, that would mean $71,000 for the month after payment plans are calculated. I estimate that there would be 20% of people taking the 30-day money-back guarantee for whatever reason, so that would mean $56,800 for the month.

Estimate: $56,800

Drop Servicing businesses e.g Animated Videos, Facebook Ads etc.

Dylan Sigley doesn’t reveal every drop servicing business he has, so it was initially difficult to come up with an accurate estimate for this. I would say we can make a decent guess in calculating this by looking at the screenshots and recordings he shares of his results from these drop servicing businesses.

I did the numbers for Dylan Sigley’s drop servicing businesses based on what he’s shared in his marketing and social media over a given month and assumed he has shared around 50% of the results coming in for that month. So, we could assume that his drop servicing businesses are doing around $70,000 per month.

Estimate: $70,000 per month

Coaching & Consulting packages

Looking through his course business it’s pretty clear Dylan Sigley has a substantial backend providing coaching services to his students who want a more private approach. There are masterminds and private coaching sessions available to those that want it.

Then you have the consulting Dylan does for other drop servicing businesses. He provides them with marketing and automation services. For example, he has a service hiring and training team members for drop servicing businesses.

We can assume that around 5% of his students purchase these services based on the average among the best business coaches online. So, it’s a pretty safe bet. Right now there are 440 students in the private group of the Drop Servicing Blueprint course. So, a conservative estimate would be 22 of these students availing these services which would bring an estimated $22,000 per month, assuming they continue their subscription and no further students purchase it.

Estimate: $22,000 per month

AdSense from YouTube videos

Dylan Sigley Net Worth | Review Of Dylan Finances

Dylan Sigley has a very modest-sized YouTube channel. He doesn’t seem to really be posting content regularly there, but the response seems strong. Looking at the numbers, from online calculators and averages Youtubers in his niche are hitting with a similar number of subscribers, Dylan could be earning around $500 per month from YouTube AdSense.

I haven’t taken into account any potential sponsorships for products or services Dylan Sigley discusses on his channel. There weren’t any links from what I can see but who knows what goes on behind the scenes.

Estimate: $1000

Should I add to Dylan Sigley net worth by purchasing the Drop Servicing Blueprint course?

I personally haven’t taken a Dylan Sigley course, so I won’t give any direct opinion on the course itself, but I can point to a few things I’ve seen online.
You can see that he shares a lot of free strategies on his YouTube Channel and shares a lot of results from his own businesses there. So, clearly, he gets results himself.

Dylan Sigley also shares a lot of his students’ results on his Instagram highlight/saved story called ‘Results,’ so we can see a lot of results from students there.
Based on that we can see that he and his students do get results. There has to be something to what he teaches. However, you should only bother purchasing any course when you are actually going to implement the course. So, if you will actually use the information and want to start a drop servicing business the blueprint may be a decent option. Though, definitely check out some of the reviews below to get a better understanding.

Dylan Sigley Review

Dylan Sigley Net Worth | Review Of Dylan Finances

Looking at all of the reviews on the Dylan Sigley Trustpilot page, I was able to verify that the reviews there are from real students of the Drop Servicing Blueprint. I checked the names against the members of the paid group while I was still a member. Based on those reviews, you could say the course is very good and works. However, I bet there are a lot of people that purchased the course and didn’t even use it. So, I would again only recommend being guided by reviews if you plan on being dedicated to implementing the course like these students clearly were.

I also found this Dylan Sigley review to be rather enlightening. It includes a lot of screenshots and in-depth analysis of whether the content in the Drop Servicing Blueprint is actually as powerful as Dylan Sigley’s student reviews would lead you to believe. Because I didn’t actually take and implement the course, I can’t give you a review of the content there. If you want more information, definitely review the article at the link above.

My Opinion Of Dylan Sigley

Dylan Sigley is certainly growing in popularity fast. Every time I review his social media accounts the follower counts go up and up. This is because he does post regular and helpful content. Using the drop servicing strategies and tactics he’s developed the Drop Servicing Blueprint has become a popular and powerful product. Because of this success, he can post a lot of results and his students do too.

I can say with confidence his product and free content is good. However, you can certainly find issues with his marketing. Focusing a lot on making money can attract people that want to get rich quick. These people quickly find the course isn’t a button that deposits money into their bank. You can’t really blame them because they are sold quite hard.

In saying that, Dylan Sigley does repeat everywhere that he can’t guarantee results and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for those that slip through the cracks of his marketing machine with a delusional idea of what his course will do for them.


Dylan Sigley is quickly growing in popularity as an online business coach through his Drop Servicing Blueprint course. The success he shows in his marketing is seen through rose-coloured glasses. For sure, a lot of his net worth is coming from his information product.

We can’t deny though that he does have real drop servicing businesses that do get results and, clearly, his students get a lot of results through his teachings (check out some of his saved stories titled results).

Currently, Dylan Sigley’s net worth is sitting around the 1 million dollar mark. It will be interesting to see how the Drop Servicing Blueprint brand impacts this as it grows.

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