Drop Servicing Blueprint Review In Short

So what is the drop servicing blueprint? It is a system to make money with buying and selling services.

The basics are simple you buy and sell a service and you take a margin.

For example you buy a webdesign for 10,- and you sell it for 20,- so the margin is 10 but maybe you advertised for 5,- so your profit is 5,-.

That is how drop servicing works.

Drop Servicing Course

There is 1 great course on this topic and its the Drop Servicing Blueprint.

We give it 5 stars for the language use, and 4 stars for the video quality.

We can not judge about the course itself.

Drop Servicing Method

What is the secret method to do Drop Servicing? Is it different from dropshipping? The big difference is: No products but services.

What is inside the course?

Week 1 – The Foundations


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