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Darlene Mowry and ex-husband Timothy Mowry is the mother of four children.

Darlene Mowry and ex-husband Timothy Mowry is the mother of four children.

Dani Reardon is a professional bodybuilder and fitness model. Height 5 feet , Dani is better known by his nickname Lil Monstar. It also operates its official channel on You-Tube under the same name. Not only a source of income, but also a vocation to bodybuilding was one of Reardon’s most important sources of fame.

Dani was born as the son of the American Reardon family on the 19th. Born in July 1990 on , to Cape Cod Massachusetts, USA under the sign of cancer. Dani also went to Wesley Chapel FloridaHigh School where she found her interest and passion for bodybuilding. In fact, according to Dani himself,

I have a master’s degree in physiology and I love to study the human body. I am a staunch supporter of positive statements, a strong spirit and consistency.

Dani – married and bodybuilder

Reardon is not only professionally happy and healthy, he also seems to enjoy his relationship with a professional bodybuilder, Jan Shofield. Jan and Dani pronounced their marriage vows on 11 November 2017 at the Luxury Ranch BG Ocala, 11800 St Highway 475, Ocala, FL for their private and most expensive.

Darlene Mowry and ex-husband Timothy Mowry is the mother of four children.

Danny Reardon and her husband, Ian Scofield.
Source: Cara Hug

On the day of the big wedding, Dani looked beautiful in her sporty body, where she chose a snow-white wedding dress, diamond earrings, a long veil and a necklace. Jan’s fiancée also chooses a black and white blouse, black trousers and a black bow tie on her wedding day.

The couple have been living together for two years since 2019. They seem to be very happy together and even spend their free time together. They have also become one of the most popular fans of lovebirds in all media.

Dani once attacked her husband

In 2014, Dani was arrested for assaulting her then husband, Jan Scofield, after he was drunk. The bodybuilder is accused of resisting arrest and domestic violence after kicking and grabbing the windscreen of Jan’s truck.

Darlene Mowry and ex-husband Timothy Mowry is the mother of four children.

Figure: Dani and her husband, Jan, live since 2017 as husband and wife.
Source: [email protected] PRO Dani Reardon

Dani’s partner, Scofield, didn’t go after his award-winning wife, Libybilder. From now on the couple lives happily and without problems.

Voyager becomes a professional coachbuilder

Like I said, bodybuilding was Dani’s childhood dream. To advance her career, she began competing in high school bodybuilding competitions, such as Mr. and Miss Chapel Wesley Bodybuilding. She didn’t just become captain of her team.

She takes part in many competitions and also starts receiving prizes. His first prize was awarded for the best show, which was one of the aspects that inspired Dani to make bodybuilding his regular job. Once she said that is the starting point of my bodybuilding, I will always blame you and thank you, Gass.

Darlene Mowry and ex-husband Timothy Mowry is the mother of four children.

Professional Bodybuilder, Dani Reardon.
Source: Red marking

Then, in 2008, she moved to Orlando to get her master’s degree, where she also learned to stay fit and eat a balanced diet. Soon after gaining knowledge about nutrition for bodybuilding, she focused more on the body of the athletes and the right nutrition.

Finally, she is satisfied with her body and participates in national bodybuilding competitions, and is rapidly gaining popularity in this sector.

Salaries and net assets

As a professional bodybuilder Dani earns an impressive amount of money and lives generously together with her husband Jan. As from 2019, the net value of Reardon is estimated at 1 million-1.5 million- .

According to some sources, the builder earns about $93,000 a year. She is not only a bodybuilder, but also a model of fitness, which is given an appropriate level of prosperity through various support services. Dani is also You-Tuber, whose You-Tube channel is signed by more than 21 thousand people.

Danny Reardon Training monitor

On her official YouTube channel, she usually shares videos about fitness and training. The transmitter earns $ $6 to $100 per month and $ $75 to 1.2K per year. Dani has also created her own clothing line by Fit Hustle. The clothing company mainly produces summer and sports T-shirts and sweatshirts, caps and much more.

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