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Charlize Theron is raising August Theron and Jackson Theron as her children.

Charlize Theron is raising August Theron and Jackson Theron as her children.

Texas-based Audrey Merdick, also known as Audrey Merdick , , is a certified nutritionist and trainer who runs Audrey Merdick’s blog on vegan health and fitness. Merdick said her main task for the blog is to simplify the vegan lifestyle with simple recipes, tips and tricks.” Audrey is also the founder of the peanut shop , – vegan, milk, nut and gluten-free cookies.

In addition to her professional activities, Audrey enjoys great media popularity as the second wife of the American ventriloquist, stand-up comedian and actor Jeff Dunham. Read this article to learn more about Audrey and her personal life.

Married since 2012

Fitness teacher Audrey , 39 years old, likes to live with her famous husband, Jeff Dunham. Jeff and Audrey met for the first time in 2009. After a few days of meetings they started meeting and on the 25th day of the meeting they started meeting. December 2011 ,, they were happy to share their engagement ring.

Charlize Theron is raising August Theron and Jackson Theron as her children.

Photo: Jeff Dunham and his beloved wife Audrey Merdick
Source: Instagram @ Audrey Dunham

After a year without delay they descended cheerfully to the altar 12. October 2012. The wedding ceremony took place in the traditional form in which the most expensive bride and groom attended the wedding reception.

On a big day, Audrey’s bride chooses a sleeveless white dress, in the shape of a boat, with a veil on the ground. She finished her bridal look by wearing earrings and a tiara. Even the groom looked impetuous in his black tuxedo.

During their seven-year marriage, the couple proudly welcomed their twin sons. The twins James Jeffrey and Jack Stephen Dunham were born on 11. October 2015. The twin brothers are four years old. They live rich and happy with their beloved parents.

Charlize Theron is raising August Theron and Jackson Theron as her children.

Hook: Audrey Merdick with her husband and twin sons
Source: Instagram @audreyrdunham

Although the twins are Audrey’s first children, they’re not for Jeff. He’s already the father of three beautiful girls from his previous relationship. Now Audrey lives happily and content with her husband, sons and stepchildren.

They also post many photos on their official Instagram account and even visit many exotic places together.

Jeff’s first marriage

Prior to sharing his marriage vows with Audrey, Jeff was associated with Paige Brown. Paige and Jeff first met in West Palm Beach, Florida at Comedy Corner in 1992. Shortly after the first meeting they started to get to know each other, and on the 19th day they met. In May 1994 they willingly shared their marriage vows.

Charlize Theron is raising August Theron and Jackson Theron as her children.

Hook: Daughter of Jeff Dunham Bree (left), Ashleen (middle) and Kenna Dunham (right).
Source: Instagram @ashlyndunham

After the marriage they named their first daughter, Ashleen Dunham , on the 11th. September 1995, , welcome. Similarly, in 1997 they became parents for the second time, hosting Kenneth Dunham. That’s when Jeff adopted Paige Bree Hemphill, a 1.5-year-old girl.

Everything went well, they had fun and enjoyed their relationship. However, they are separated from each other, revealing some irreconcilable differences. He filed for divorce in mid-November2008, but was subsequently divorced on 5 May 2010.

Net value

Audrey’s fitness trainer, bodybuilder and blogger has an estimated cost of .500,000 that she has built up over the course of her professional career. The tall Audrey, 5 foot 4 inches, is a nutritionist with a background in nutrition.

She keeps a blog about food and fitness where she says it is,

In the past ten years I have been completely immersed in food and have had many adventures related to cooking. I got my certificate in plant nutrition through eCornell and took a one-week course at the American Culinary Institute.

Audrey’s great interest and dedication to her blog shows that she earns an impressive amount of money with it. Murdik was also a bodybuilder and fitness athlete. She posed as a retired fitness competitor.

Watch one of Audrey Dunham’s official channel videos on You-Tube

Murdick is also a You-Tuber, whose official You-Tube channel (@Audrey Dunham) has over 3.32 thousand subscribers, where he shares recipes for quick vegetarian meals. According to Socialblade, his channel earns between $ 8 and $128 a month.

It is also in the range of $96 – 1.5 thousand per year. Another fitness model, Dani Reardon’s Bodybuilder, has a total net cost of $3 million . On the other hand, Audrey’s beloved husband, Jeff Dunham, has net assets of 140 million.

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